Alfreton s mom flirt

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Alfreton s mom flirt

Chief Clerk: If I am wanted I will be with, the manager. Latest Acrjuisi- fckwn Yessir, An' it you are not wanted where will yer be? Strangely -tibere are no dele- gates from Swnneea and district at the railwaymen's conference, the nearest being from Llanellv and Barry. It is marvellous wliat attractive power the Little village of Pontlliw has for the holiday makers of the district.

Record "gates" are the order for any event held there. How a young inventor's plans were accepted by the War Minister, and how the but lei' prepared to thicken the plot are told in to-morrow's instalment of Disappearance of the Judge. Jones said the first two were diggracatkjj honourable rarr. What's wrong witfh the third name? Or was it modeisty on his part? Three special tramcars passed tbrmjgh St.

Thcanas from th? Rhondda and? J"ies' Gardens on Monday night. They carried children from the Convent Schools who had been spending a iine day at Jersey Marine.

Alfreton s mom flirt

Pester: Don't you really think that wbmen liave more patience than rr,n P Mi. Petrtor Im sure of it. I've been watching you plav -olitiaire all the evening with a pack that's four or five cards short. Jones at- the Police Court on Tuesday mom- iiig said "I think our Swansea police are getting more com- petent than they were. They give their 'tales' rmv in a nice straight- forward manner.

It was not over th! H Very gdod, Jimmy! Very credit- able to you! Juvenile Court to a boy who, just tall enough to look over the edge of the box, had rend the oath well. The recent death of Mr. Williajm Jones, for many years stage carpenter at the old "Star" Theatre, Swansea, brings tolischt a.

Alfreton s mom flirt

Tn addition to Mr. It is a re- markable fact that on June 2nd, thirteen years ago, the theatre closed its doors. Jones then said to her husband, Wilham, I shall not survive k an d ii-it h i" the theatre a week," and within the week she passed away. On Saturday last, again in June, the theatre again closed its doors, and on the Sunday Mr. William Jones died. Here is a mirror, Wales, to see thy faos, Thy shape Protean, and thy hopes and fears, Thy shining story-triumph, mirth and tears.

Perchance thy failings ;but no finger base Of those who do not lore the Cymric race Shall show them, with a touch of rude disdain. Thy dower of faith, thy gift of song and strain. Thy fancv free and pa"on find a place. Break not the glass, thyself it will To- veal. Only demand no film shall dim its truth. Shatter it not with some unreasoning rutlu Make tt. Until within its crystal depths appear The forms cf beauty, and thy soul is dqar. Howard Harris. In a, small town in Scotland the Wn clerk, who was a bit of a character," had the misfortune to lose his leg in a railway accident.

A few months afterwards says the Family Herald", the same official, who was generally known by his Christian name, Paul, was unfortunate enough to have his other leg fractured in a trap aecident.

Alfreton s mom flirt

Naturally the mishap wa. Five minutes on Tuesday sufficed to complete one of the most important' sales of mining properties ever carried out in South Wales. The Miens Estate was offered for salo by Mr. Ernest Leeder of Messrs. LeOOer and Co. It included the minerals underlying 8, acres, mainly anthracite coal. Evans- Bevan, Neath—a record purchase in a South Wales auction room. The Bidding. V serve, of course rendered this pro- ced ure unnecessary. The, "firs;t bid.

Twenty-five of the latter bids were in as many seconds. The Properties. The properties are situated in the Amman and Dylal6 Valleys, in the faineo anthracite coalfields.

Alfreton s mom flirt

The coal underlying that portion of the estate in the Dylais Valley comprises all the seams below the Ynisarwed or No. The coai measures generally he very favourably for development, and coal is already being extensively a,n d c gi l al-rea d y beibt lwyn, '-Nlaeas'v- worked from Crynant, Dilhvyn, Bryn- teg, Seven Sisters.

The ccal is an- thracite with the exception of some of the upper seams to the south, which are steam coal, and both hnd a ready mark0t. A large portion of the surface was sold inbut the minerals were reserved. In addi- tion to the minerals, the sale included " The Anthracite King. Evan Evans Be van, J. It was in the year that the possibilities of smokeless coal was fore- seen by Mr. David Bevan, father of Mr. Evans Sevan, who commenced sinking operations in the Dulais Valley. With the development? Some ycar? Thrice a Mayor. Evans Bevan has practically re- tired from public life, but he has con- tributed his quota; be has been thrice Mayor of Neath, and his generosity was unbounded.

He it, a Justice of the Peace for the borough, but seldom sits. The World has been purchased by Mr. West F. I The delegates attending the N. Conference at Swansea this week, will be entertained to dinner at the Hotel Cameron on Friday evening by the local Reception Committee, as repres- enting the branches in the Swansea district.

Sir Alfred Mond, Bart. Brvnmor Jones, MP. Chairman of the Welsh Parliamentary Partyis also among the invited guests. We understand the function will be of a I private character. General Villa's various military chiefs thereupon informed I General Odtaiusa th? The seizure of telegraph offices under the control of Garranza's officials at, Juarez and other places followed on Tuesday.

General VilLa has ordered. I No Settlement.

Alfreton s mom flirt

The mefha- tors who were meeting the representa- tives of the two emuitries at Niagara are despairing of arriving at an under- standing.

Alfreton s mom flirt

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