Amsterdam swingers chat

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Amsterdam swingers chat

By user no longer on site over a year ago. Free to use, not just free to. Free cams, pics, search, mails. today. Sameplace is very different to the usual Dutch club. Think a normal Amsterdam brown bar but you can play anywhere. Only rule is no means no. It's our favourite club over there, never had a bad night. Just check whether it's a fetish night as the dress code is fairly strict on fetish nights.

I'd heard that the Candy club has shut but it appears to still have a website under construction. The Paradise is just across the water from Central, nice premises but can be overrun by guys. Sadly the Candy Club has indeed shut - a great pity as it was the first club I ever went to and I think one of the very best - so friendly and intimate - sorely missed.

Sameplace is a bit odd and very Dutch but it's interesting and very social. I really liked it the couple of times I wnet a few years ago. Thankyou all all your responses have been very helpful and we will give it a go. It's our 11th visit to the city or is that town? We've been swinging for 17 yrs and absoloutley love it so will be a fun addition to our trip. We have no probs with large s of single guys as we both love gangbangs but equally turned on with playing with couple s. Sounds right up our street. Sameplace is an excellent friendly club. Unlike some places, they are not just after your money as it is run by its members, who even man the bar.

Not been to Paradise or Showboat, but the Candy Club is no loss unless you want to do your swinging behind a dirty curtain in a sweaty wee bar full of prostitutes and single guys who offer you money to play with your partner Unless you want head out to Fun4Two, which has a reputation as being one of the best clubs in Europe, Sameplace is definitely somewhere to head.

Have fun. We love a place where you can play or not play at will. I've been to SamePlace, Paradice and Showboat albeit a few years ago. It's definately different to any other club that I've been too, but in a nice but wierd way well worth a visit. Paradice when I went was a huge club with a pool, downstairs playareas that could be locked, a dark room, an outdoor area and a huge circular bed. The Gangbang night which was the one i went too was themed and they appeared to have 4 working girls in the club plus maybe about 20 couples and a good of single guys.

The theme on the night I went was Thriller and the "working" girls did a pretty good dance show before heading off to the circular bed where they were ed by some of the couples and guys. You could find lots of other couples though secreted around the club having their own fun with perhaps 1 or 2 guys in attention. The club was open from 8pm til midnight and unlike a lot of UK clubs that I have been too, the couples there on the 2 or 3 times I went were pretty keen on getting involved in sexual fun pretty soon after arriving until everyone got dressed en masse at about I actually preferred Showboat which you can get to by train, it's in a residential area and unless you know exactly where your going you'll most likely get lost so investing in the taxi is worthwhile though a lot more expensive.

It's a converted houseboat and at the time I went was the only place to allow single guys in on a Saturday night. It has a bar, serves a hot buffet which is included in your admission price, has a dance floor, sauna and a large open play room with a small BDSM room and a few lockable rooms. It was more like a UK club though better equipped than many, had a huge of people there and many people socialised or danced before heading off for fun.

If you like the attention of single guys you won't go short, though you also won't feel like your being chased around the boat by the guys either. I've heard very good reports about Fata Morgana too but not been and Fun4two is as stated elsewhere one of the best clubs in Europe but as the name implies is for couples only. Hope that helps, Mark x.

Amsterdam swingers chat

The Show Boat is excellent, in Zaandam just outside of Amsterdam. You can make a weekend of it, stay in the City and take a train out. Saturday night is excellent, a great and respectful crowd, great music, free food and as much or little play as you want. The ratio of single men is manageable and there's always something sexy going on, whether you want to get involved or not. On Sunday the place opens after lunch and is more relaxed with the a slightly older crowd going. Great saunas, steam rooms and showers.

It really is a converted boat that holds about people with multiple private rooms, a BDSM room and dance floor on the top deck. Highly recommended. I'm also planning a trip to Sameplace when I'm in Amsterdam next month - on a Tuesday night. Any idea if the crowd is usually good on a Tuesday? Of course, like any club, it will vary, but it's good to get a rough idea of what to expect. I went to Same Place when I was over on my own a couple of weeks ago. I have to say I had an awful experience. The guy at the door was exceptionally rude. He didn't want to let me in even though I had ed ahead and had an saying I could attend despite not being a regular or member.

He eventually let me in begrudgingly but insisted I spend at least 20 euros at the bar. There was no action, it was all very cliquey and the couples there were not dressed well at all. Looked like they'd just got out of bed some of them. It was bi night. I was hoping to meet a couple looking perhaps for a guy to them but it was mostly gay men. I din't feel comfortable. Perhaps it was a bad night but I would not recommend it and I won't go back the next time I am in the area.

Amsterdam swingers chat

Showboat And it is on a boat is very inventive and gets a good crowd. Be aware its only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Fridays is quietest. We gave it 5 out of 5. We absolutely love sameplace and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has come across similar bars in Europe. It's sleazy bars, where anything is allowed that we particularly like. Has to be Fata Morgana. Huge place. We had a great night in sameplace, would recommend it to anyone visiting Amsterdam, it's close to the centre so no rip of extortionate taxis to worry about.

L and A. Looking to go to Amsterdam just before xmas this year. As a single guy, what would the dress code be on a normal night i. Also is it best to arrive early as it implies single men might not get in if its too busy? On a non fetish night smart casual will be ok.

Amsterdam swingers chat

It is quiet before 12 but it might be an idea to get there early to make sure you get in. It's not like any other Dutch club we've been to. Think of a brown bar with sex and you're about right. Can I just ask what do they have in terms of lockers? Also do they have any showers or a wet area hot tubs? We've not been for a few years but I doubt it's changed much.

Amsterdam swingers chat

No lockers, leave your clothes and valuables with the door staff if you get changed. There was 1 shower. No hot tub or sauna. Don't expect it to be like a normal Dutch club. Thanks, sounds fine - do people just strip off and go naked or is it only where they get changed into fetish gear or the like? I don't think I'll be going on a fetish night. I am due to be in Amsterdam from the 14thth Nov. Visiting with a female who is very open-minded and wants to try the swinging scene. Is this a good place to start out, and does anyone know what the drinks prices are like? The drink prices are pretty reasonable.

My best experience of a couples only club fun4twonear Rotterdam - the drinks and excellent food were included in the EUR door price. Drink as much alcohol as you like. Other clubs I've visited, the drink prices have been reasonable. We are in Amsterdam next weekend as well. Liking forward to it. We may consider going to Sameplace on the Friday.

Hi going to Amsterdam 30th Nov for 3 nights anyone else going.

Amsterdam swingers chat

Just returned from Sameplace. Look past the dour attitude of the doorman and it's really a very nice little play bar to go to. Had awesome fun with an American black couple who were over for the weekend, and the barmaid who was also a member herself of Sameplace was also ing in the dancing and stuff on occasion as well. Overall, it's a good place to mingle, a pretty decent play area below in the cellar, slightly steep drink prices but trust me, if you're the kind to just be able to chat with people and mingle no holds barred you will love Sameplace.

No pressure at all, had a happy ending to my Amsterdam holiday there. Hi guys We have been to Amsterdam several times wouldn't recommend same place full of single guys watching and wankingand offering to pay your bar bill to get in with you.

Amsterdam swingers chat

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