Baltimore strip club reviews

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Visited this afternoon after taking a long break from Scores following a very disappointing afternoon visit this spring. Today, things were much much better. Unlike last time when there were so few dancers that the stage was empty for stretches of time, they had 5 dancers rotating through before 3pm, then added a few more for the shift.

All were solid s. All white, almost all brunettes, maybe one was Latina. There has been a wholesale changeover in talent and waitstaff - I didn't recognize a single face until after 3. More on that later. There were more customers there, too, with a couple of groups of guys who'd obviously taken the afternoon off.

Some of the crowd was probably pre-partiers for the Thursday night Ravens game later. Almost all white customers, but one AA dude with a group of guys wearing their work clothes from a tree trimming company who was getting attention like the rest, so the racial treatment there seems to be really hit or miss - so a brother has to bring along some white friends, is that the deal?

Baltimore strip club reviews

They both looked great, and I talked awhile with Zoey who has just come back to Scores after about a year hiatus working a non-dancer job in OCMD. So maybe this is a good - some of the better dayshift talent o.

I've tried to like Scorespecially, but I'm sorry, Scores is not for me. After a few visits Friday afternoon, Monday afternoon, Friday night I have gotten the vibe that men of African American descent are not welcomed much here. I know someone is going to say "But well No pun intended.

I arrived around pm. I arrived inside and there were definitely some attractive women. There were maybe 20 total, and nearly all were Caucasian. There was little to no diversity. At the bar, dancers do their tip parade after their dance. Here is where I knew there was an issue. As the girls were coming around to my end of the bar, nearly all but one girl went right past me, no greeting, nothing. There was one blonde, firm dancer with curly hair did not get name who stopped and said hello. I asked if she can come back after she was done, but she never did Next, I decided to sit by the stage.

Baltimore strip club reviews

I sat there for two dancers who came to the stage. I tipped both dancers, no thanks or greeting, even after their dances were over. I looked around the club, and there were indeed other black patrons - with no dancers around them. I am not here to say that this establishment is racist let's be clearbut it obv This was back in April just finally got around to doing a review. This was my first time at the club, but my brother had been here for another bachelor party and it sounded like he had a good time so I decided to plan his bachelor party here.

I decided to call ahead and plan on one of their packages. I set everything up on the phone about a month ahead of time. He seemed confused to what was going on after he called someone else they eventually began letting us in. Here was the first flag, the price went up from per person to Which I wasn't told on the phone when I scheduled it.

Once a couple of us get in they take us up to the second floor where there are already people. The second floor is a balcony that overlooks the dance floor and club. There is a bar up there with tables and plenty of seating. Well after a couple minutes one of the bouncers come and gets us and tells us we aren't supposed to be up there. He then takes us down to a corner couch with a table. My guess is we were supposed to be upstairs but another larger party also scheduled it and we got bumped.

We did have our own I don't know what it is but I can't spend money no matter what I do at this club. Girls give black guys no attention even though I'm well groomed and well dressed.

Baltimore strip club reviews

The chicks on stage have no passion they just go through the motions and expect to be rewarded for a quick flash of their nether regions. I tried to give this place a chance but it seems like they try to guess at who has money instead of giving people who look interested fair play. I've made a habit out of not going to strip clubs on busy days but I went on a Friday this time because I was bored. Place had a lot of people in it and the basic result is just how I described.

It got to the point where I had to hold like ones in my hand to get any attention and even then it was only a couple of the black strippers. They make it seem like I'm the problem--but some of the scuz I see getting lap dances makes me believe that's definitely not the case.

And I don't have this issue at other predominantly white clubs. I hate pulling the race card but I have the same problem every time I come here and I don't have it anywhere else. And for those who are thinking "you probably dress like crap" think again--this place has well trained security who strictly enforce the dress code. I don't recommend this place. The couple of times I tried downtown clubs I was sadly disappointed.

So, I never got around to trying Scores. I was pleasantly surprised. The place was reasonably upscale, seemed clean even the rest rooms and was a bargain with 2 for 1 beer probably rail drinks too, I just ordered my normal Bud and a fairly priced lunch menu. Food was pretty good. Probably the only downside was the parking. There is no lot, so you park on the street. No parking along side Scores but I got a spot a block away — no meters. Not the greatest neighborhood — sort of old, light industry but seemed OK in the day time.

Bartender was attractive, good at her job and friendly — I wish I could remember her name. The dancers were easy on the eyes, took dancing seriously and were nicer than I expected. The stage in use is a large half circle at I have been to the club several times. I also uber there. Usually I do a "Package" and call ahead of time to secure a table when I am with others.

When I go alone I print off a free pass before 9PM from thier website. Girls are the best. Usually lots of girls to view and most seem friendly. Nearly all are quite atractive. Larry Flynt's Hustler Club. Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. Maryland Baltimore Scores Baltimore. Scores Baltimore 6 reviews Add review. Club type: Nude Dancers. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed.

Baltimore strip club reviews

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