Colorado city TX housewives personals

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Basiy someone who needs some extra allowance and wants to have some fun. I am looking for someone to meet a couple of times a month in return I will provide you with a monthly allowance. Not only interested in sex but someone to hangout maybe dinner, movie etc.

Colorado city TX housewives personals

If your interested reply and will go from there. Adult wants for sex Woman rimming man Grey seeks special big beautiful horny women. Forcing me to do what you please! In so doing, I am offering myself for a complementary soul I am sure there is more than one, though admittedly not necessarily on slist.

Some of my criteria may seem superficial or arbitrary, but taste is subjective. I am a study in contrasts. I am a highly successful, responsible professional but I would much rather be looking for buried treasure with a metal detector on the beach in the Caribbean than practicing law in the D. I like to drink interesting cocktails or wine with cheese at home but am equally comfortable heading out to an interesting social spot. I can and often do lose myself in a good book alone or in the room with my partner but am equally comfortable hitting or hosting a get-together.

I can be totally serious and irreverently humorous in succeeding sentences. The contrasts extend to my personal traits, but in a way that I think is. I have a wicked sense of humor, am too driven and smart for my own good and more than a little edgy. I am also loyal, dependable and you can set your watch by my punctuality. Since I think that I have a very good idea of who I am and what it is that I am looking for and have to offer the right woman, I am interested in meeting someone who is equally self-assured, who knows herself and what it is that she is looking for in a man; a strong woman who respects herself and deserves the respect she attracts from others.

I know that the forgoing sentence was probably way too long. I strongly prefer the company of intelligent and well-educated women although there is overlap, the two are not the same. No matter how emotionally and physiy charged the connection between two people most of a relationship will involve conversation. The breadth and depth of that discourse, by and large, will determine the success or failure of the relationship. Also, I find that brainpower is intrinsiy very sexy.

Colorado city TX housewives personals

Because I see a woman for her mind as much as her body, my match will need to have at least a bachelors degree and a keen interest in knowledge for its own sake e. Chemistry, obviously, is essential. Nothing else will compensate if it is absent. I define chemistry as the interplay between two individuals physical appearance and charisma. Both physical attractiveness and charisma must be present, though to a certain degree an abundance of one can make up for a deficit in the other.

Chemistry also encompasses physical compatibility, an essential component of a relationship lasting beyond a certain length of time. For me, the chemistry is grounded in a few traits. First, I am only attracted to women who are white or Asian.

Colorado city TX housewives personals

Second, physical fitness is extremely important to me. While I dont always eat as as I should I work out every day. I am looking for a partner who is physiy fit; not someone who is working on it or hopes to be. There is no such thing in my lexicon as a BBW. Third, age matters.

I am only interested in someone who is at least 7 years my junior. This is not a double-standard, it is just an historical and biological reality that an age difference makes sense. I understand better than most the fulfillment a career can bring, but few things are more hurtful than repeatedly being made to feel far less important than work.

If you dont believe that there is always a way to make time for your partner then we are probably not a good match. That being said, my match is financially grounded and looking for an economic partner in a marriage and not support. There are many wonderful and interesting people here with so much to share. As a practical matter, however, location is going to play a factor in any relationship and will exclude certain possibilities.

Since I want to spend time with my ificant other, I dont think that it is desirable to date someone that it takes an hour or more to get to on a weeknight. I work in Bethesda and live in Arlington. If any of this resonates I would enjoy hearing from you. Hot searching sex. Seeking: I am seeking swinger couples Relationship Status: Not important. Seeking: I am wants nsa Relationship Status: Married. Wingra Post Office, smitten while waiting m4w We were standing in line together, you with 2 arms full of mail and stunningly gorgeous red hair.

I was waiting to mail two boxes of cookies and mesmerized by your flawless skin. You said that you couldn't believe the Post Office could be worried about not having enough business--given the long line or something similar to thatand I said that I couldn't cookies.

Concord New Hampshire pleasure to the asian amateurs swinger. Beautiful blonde, chick-filla aberdeen! Laramie Wyoming mass with hairy pussy seeking sex.

Colorado city TX housewives personals

Housewives seeking sex tonight Fairfield Illinois Housewives wants real sex South Union Marriage is a glorious thing when it's done right, but let's face it, it's also the focus of a great deal of completely insane mythology. Pervasive as well not a day goes by in this fo that someone doesn't belch forth some of it.

Colorado city TX housewives personals

The sheerly irrational behavior you describe sometimes makes me wonder if such a woman doesn't have a kind of ghostly great-aunt who, every time she's about to come to her senses, whispers in her ear, well, I guess you must not have loved him very much if you gave up so easily.

Colorado city TX housewives personals

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