Couple looking for 1 more

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For example, if someone tells you have a few options, how many do you have? If you have a couple of options, you can safely assume that you will have to choose between A and Band only A and B. Their answers varied. Some said it meant three or four. Or maybe more. The answer is that there is no hard-and-fast answer. But maybe not. For example, maybe you have few options. You might many choices, and that suggests far more than choosing between solely AB, and C.

For example, there are five reasons why the trial court decision must be overturned. For more on this topic, see here. The father of friends of mine arrived home after a long day at work just in time to settle an argument we were having: How many is a few? A few means a small amount out of the whole amount. If I have 30 balls and 26 are white then many or most are white.

Couple looking for 1 more

If Have balls and 26 are white while the remaining are black then 26 is only a few. I grew up in the Boston, MA area and in that area a few was perhaps seven. Of course in that area a cup of regular coffee came with sugar and cream already in it.

You also worshed your cahh and paahked in Haaarvud Yahd, and rooted for the Redsawks. I know this is an older comment, but what else is regular coffee if not with cream and sugar? MeI drink my coffee black. Unless you are at a Starbucks and you order some concoction.

Black is regular. I always considered black coffee to mean no sugar or cream until I had a customer order a black coffee and assume I knew that it would have sugar in it. While that was not how I interpreted it I understood it if we are only talking about color. I love language variation. Fascinating although sometimes frustrating. There was no easy way to say that in the midwest.

A couple means two. A few means a small. Leave it to the English to have several words all mean the same as a few but not less than a couple. I pulled out my trusty smart phone and we began to whittle down our disagreement. Then, by a stroke of good fortune we came across your story.

We want you to know that we have decided to accept your definitions due to the fell circumstances in which they were decided. To make this sentence more effective, it would read as thus: I saw a group of cats in an alley on the hunt for food. The distinction in definitions appear to be related to the specific, region or locality you attended elementary school in.

The words were taught this way. A couple was 2. Several was considered a vague term with 4 to 8 being the accepted meaning. A dozen was It could be combined with couple, few, and several dozen to give a general estimate. Some and a group as well as a bunch or many could only be defined in the contest used with a bunch and many considered more.

We all know a bubbler and not a fountain is the proper term for the fixture or unit, usually in a public area, you get a drink of water from. A fountain is a place you throw coins in…. Yes, I live in Wisconsin. In my studies to teach English as a Second Language, we were instructed to explain those terms as: a couple is 2, a few is 3 or 4, several is 5 or 6 and many is more than that.

If you mean 3, 4, 6, 7, etc. The only thing I can say for sure is a couple means two. This is closest to my belief, but I was taught that a couple was 2 or 3, no specifically either. This was because why would you call 2 a couple?

Couple looking for 1 more

I would say if a couple people got knocked down it was 2 and if you meant more than 2 people got knocked down, you are saying the wrong word. A couple meaning 2 just makes sense. I was taught a few meant 3 or more but not a lot. I heard my Granddaughter tell a story and she said a couple. She told it again and it was a 3 or 4. I asked how many 2 or more? She said idk a couple.

Couple looking for 1 more

I said a couple is 2, she said well more than two but I am not sure, I said if your sure it was more than 2 but not many use a few. One of the many things I do that makes me realize I have turned into my mother. I just had a discussion about this and after looking up what those words really mean I was confused. My thought all these long years is that 2 is a couple, a few is 3 and several meant 7 or more it seemed to me the first 4 letters seve gave it away. Everything else was a specific. A a large ! It was very tongue-in-cheek, but I have been unable to locate it or any mention of it in recent years.

It had entries like the ones in this thread, but also things like Many, Most, All represented as varying percentagesetc. I wish I could resurrect it from wherever it went! My husband wanted to be a diver in USN. The dictionary defines Several as more than two but not many. Several, few, handful, bunch and some. These have no numerical ificance. If you want to say an exact amount you would use the. A few in this context being a subjective estimate. That line was probably a lot more clever in the 70s, this upcoming generation is shockingly polyamorous.

Governor Murphy of NJ just said yesterday that we are still several weeks away from opening up our economy. Sorry, no. Whileas in Korea in Korean English education throughout the country—or at least the southern half, this topic is formally covered. It sounds nuts, and English is nuts. Perhaps it would be 2 cubed 8or 3 squared 9? I loved the comment from Boston, n MA. The difference between a few, and several is that several is indicative of awith numerous suggestions above being appropriate, but a few indicates a percentage.

A few bad apples in a barrel might indicate 10 or 20, but a few bad eggs in a dozen might be two or three. Interesting read. Had to concede this one to the wife. This is exactly right. If a couple were a synonym for two, it would be a pointless word, the whole point of it being to include more than just 2 unless you are talking about two things that are always ed together, like 2 people in a close relationship.

Of course the right answer to these questions is always i it depends where you are, as local customs differ, and ii the context is also important. So who came? Tina and Jane. Is that all? Oh, I thought you said a few.

Couple looking for 1 more

But if you asked your Dad if you could have a few friends over to watch the game, he would not be happy when 15 friends showed up. An employee text me this morning to say they were running a few minutes late. I was always watching a few squirrels or some birds out the window, or having several words with Mark who sat next to the window. I do remember that two is correct for a couple because that was how many erasers would come zinging my way to bring me back to attention.

The way I was taught in school is that a couple is subjective and can mean 2 or more but is based on the power of twos. If you go back and count them, there were 8. We reserve the right not to publish comments based on such concerns as redundancy, incivility, untimeliness, poor writing, etc. All comments must include the first and last name of the author in the NAME field and a valid e-mail address.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. With a straight face, he said from three to A couple is 2. Several is 6, 7, 8, or 9. Because ten is A ten. Some is 3 to To each their own.

Couple looking for 1 more

Fountains are a source of parking meter coins. We have traffic als in Texas.

Couple looking for 1 more

I came across this thread because I was trying to distinguish between few and multiples. For instance if you say a couple of people came over it usually means 2 sets of couples.

Couple looking for 1 more

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