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Boasting Kate Winslet in the title role, twisty plotlines, and breakneck pacing, the series earned fans aplenty over the course of its seven-episode run.

Easttown Pennsylvania sex chat adult

Over at the BuzzFeed News culture desk, we miserably wondered what we would do on Sunday nights without our favorite show and decided to deal with our malaise by discussing everything about Marefrom the theories to the disappointments and that devastating ending. Spoilers for the finale below. Estelle Tang : What got you into watching the show? When did you know you were a Mare head?

Originally I thought it was going to be about some s dame in England. But I was interested in seeing Kate Winslet attempt an American accent. I mean, I guess I love murder. What can I say. Shannon Keating : I too am a big Kate fan and have been since I was a tiny lesbian. I have a lot of friends who are die-hard crime drama fans and will watch, like, every single British show about a grizzled detective solving murders on the seashore or whatever. Krystie Yandoli : A day or two before it started, I saw reviews and billboards around Los Angeles for a murder mystery starring Kate Winslet, and that was all I needed to know.

Luckily, I was right! Mare is so closed off, and yet you can see she's fending off a hailstorm of emotions every minute. Shannon : Kate is marvelous; she truly is Mare.

Easttown Pennsylvania sex chat adult

She disappears into this role! I saw a lot of talk about how bad her accent was, which turned me off at first, but it ended up not bothering me at all. I initially thought they were in Massachusetts? One of mine is Guy Pearce, a handsome red herring. Guy and Kate were in Mildred Pierce together. Shannon : Swoon! I too love him in it, even though his character definitely feels like… what are you doing here? That would have betrayed the theme of how all these people grew up together and ended up fucking each other up in various ways.

That said, there was absolutely no reason for his character. The way he just…moves away at the end? Useless plotline. Scaachi : I love Guy in the pants department, but having him in the show makes no sense.

Easttown Pennsylvania sex chat adult

I have no idea what his purpose is. Who is paying for all that free wine and cheese??? My book launch happened in Toronto, a city that seems much bigger than Easttown which, also, I keep calling Eastwick in my headand I had it at a dive bar, in the dark, and everyone had to fend for themselves. Clearly no one on the writing staff has released a book as an academic to minimal fanfare. There would be no purpose going forward. I pay attention to all the memes. Shannon : I totally agree!

It took me a while to get on board — I think I only started watching live by Episode 4 or 5 — but it does feel like a Big TV Moment, which in our era of streaming and bingeing feels old-school and special. Krystie : A million percent yes, especially after a year and a half of pure hell and emotional chaos.

Estelle : We agree Kate was the draw, then we got hooked. Why do you think the show works so well? But I went from 0 to midseason. The show played with crime tropes — like the out-of-town guy, the priest with a shady past — then dispatched them neatly. Scaachi : Yeah, the first few episodes were really boring and kind of rote. And if you go back and watch the series from the first episode knowing what we now know, every detail feels so relevant; characters, dialogue, settings, small and big details have all been woven through so well and add up to this cohesive story.

I was cautiously optimistic about the buildup paying off, and it did. Shannon : I love the small-town dynamics. Krystie : Oftentimes on TV, small-town dynamics can be romanticized and depicted in a positive light, but Mare shows just how complicated they can be. Casual stuff. Estelle : Mare of Easttown really got us vibing because of the theories. Own up: What was your favorite theory about who the murderer was? I was obviously wrong about that. I thought Richard was too much of a red herring. What, he just shows up in town one day and wants to romance this beautiful grump?

At the exact time a girl happens to be killed? OK, sure. Shannon : I will be mad about The Undoing for the rest of my life. I was in it for the characters! Estelle : That does get at why the show is so popular: You can be highly invested in theories, or you can enjoy the top-notch performances, solid writing, pressure-cooker pace, and high stakes. Or why not both! Krystie : At first I was annoyed that Zabel was romantically interested in Mare.

Why did she need another love interest? She has enough going on! But Zabel grew on me. In their last moments together, I was sold on the two of them. Of course I was! Because then he had to go and get killed. I probably should have seen it coming but was completely shocked when Zabel got killed. Genius theories were everywhere. I wanted it to be John, but the truth was much more upsetting. Krystie : I liked the reasoning I heard from a friend or Reddit: that Lori would be the killer because the show was called Mare of Easttownnot Murderer of Easttown LOLso it would make sense for the killer to be someone close to Mare.

For a while, I thought Siobhan had done it for that reason. Scaachi : I thought it was definitely John, and wondered if Lori knew he was the father. Krystie : All the men in the town are basically garbage. Of course, by the finale, we learned that the show had been hurtling toward a major parental reckoning all along. Krystie : In Episode 6, Mare and her mom finally hugged and cried together, and so did Mare and her daughter, Siobhan.

I appreciated that because growth. Mare is obviously the way she is in large part because of her mother, and Helen has a different relationship with her grandchildren than she did with Mare. The show depicts how trauma can transfer through generations, but also how those cycles can break. Shannon : Yes! Jean Smart as two different bad-but-kinda-lovable-anyway moms.

That was so melancholy. Estelle: How did we feel about the finale? I had heard the Ryan-as-killer theory and never bought it, but it fell into place perfectly, and brutally. Scaachi: Listen, I have a lot of questions about this dubious claim that Dylan did all this shit just to keep a baby that he clearly hates for the sake of his parents.

Easttown Pennsylvania sex chat adult

It seemed a little flimsy to me, especially for a show with such well-conceived characters. Actually, this whole episode is like a profound encapsulation of how disappointing men are and how much more they want even after that. John asking his wife to take care of D. Girl, come on. I continue to hate Siobhan, and I do not care about Berkeley. Krystie: I didn't see that ending coming at all! In retrospect, there was always so much focus on John, Lori, and their family. Ryan had a lot of screen time compared to some other minor characters, like when he saw a news segment about Erin's murder on TV, when he beat up a kid at school for bullying his sister, and when he was distraught about John moving out and "cheating" again.

Easttown Pennsylvania sex chat adult

I'm glad that Lori wasn't the murderer after all, but I hate that Ryan ended up being the culprit and has to live with the repercussions of killing Erin for the rest of his life. It's a tragedy and a sad example of the people who carry the burden of the traumas brought on by other abusers: in this case, Ryan suffering because of what John did. I was actually pretty disappointed in the way John's treatment of Erin was glossed over. There wasn't enough focus on that.

She wasand by the way, they were related!

Easttown Pennsylvania sex chat adult

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