Feel passion again

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Our most important relationship in life is the one we share with our partner. When we get together, we have a strong desire to be with that person. We often think about them night and day and want to spend every waking moment with them. The passion is both mental and physical, they encompass our every thought and we yearn to be with them. That unbridled, untouched deep feeling can sometimes start to fade.

Feel passion again

Why does that happen and how can we get the passion back? Remember the passion you had. Remember the good times and the intense feelings. Remember the things you used to do and go do them. Talk to your partner and discuss your feelings. They will probably feel the same and you can work together on getting the passion back. Make your relationship a priority. Make your ificant other the target of your love. Making time to spend with another is one of the most giving gestures anyone can do.

Give them your time and attention. Do things with them, go places or even just take some time to put your feet up and watch a film together.

Feel passion again

Passion can be driven both physically and mentally. Make an effort from a physical perspective. Whether it be a small squeeze of the hip, a kiss or something closer. Gaining that intimacy back will help get the spark back. Be curious about your partner.

At the start of a relationship we are inquisitive and ask questions, we want to find out more about them. When you first got together did you do nice things for and with each other? Chances are you did and doing so again can help rekindle the passion. Take them out, give them praise, let them know how special they are to you. Say thank you and appreciate the things that they do. Make it a daily routine to show that appreciation. Burning issues and resentment are a sure fire way to kill passion in a relationship. Work out your own feelings first and whether they are justified and then speak with you partner to get things ironed out.

If they are, get them sorted too. Buy flowers, give a massage, send them a text and tell them you love them, leave love notes, make breakfast in bed, write a poem, tell them all the things you love about them… be romantic. Getting comfortable and into a routine with a partner may seem to take the shine off of the relationship however try thinking about it in a different way.

There are many ways to rekindle sexual passion. Change patterns on initiating sex, spend time on foreplay, be curious about their body, vary the types of sex you have and make sex a priority. Understand that there will be ebbs and flows. Change things up a bit. Break the routine. Go to a different restaurant, drink in a different place, go for a walk somewhere new.

Try some new experiences peaceful soul suggestions here. Passion means different things to different people. Particularly men and women. Understand that sexual passion may not equate to the same mental and physical passion as others may see it. Give them the passion they need. Send a naughty text, make eye contact more, smile, use body language, touch, tease them a little. Flirt with them.

Feel passion again

Building your own confidence and self esteem will work wonders for your relationship. If you look and feel at your best, you will have positive energy which can reignite the spark to your partner. Date nights are becoming more and more popular and are a great way to keep passion alive. Set aside a day a week or every couple of weeks to go out and do something fun and exciting.

Start doing the things that you did when you first met. An in depth article from Psychology today looking at why the passion goes. Wikihow brings an in depth guide to how to rekindle a relationship. With 21 different points split into sections covering small gestures, feeling close, making long term fixes and maintaining love. The Gottman Institute focus mainly on the sexual side of rekindling the passion. Topics include changing the pattern of initiating sex to holding hands more often.

Psychcentral provides 6 steps including engaging in new activities, doing something that kicks up adrenaline and taking a vacation. Self brings in a couples therapist to provide 11 ways to keep the spark alive. From experimenting with sensate exercises to exchanging love vows. Article from Pyschalive at why the spark fades and 5 reasons including less personal relating and harbouring anger. Video from Tech Insiider by Eli J. Finkel, a professor at Northwestern University who discusses how new experiences and doing exciting things can keep the passion in a relationship. Quora thread discussing tips on rekindling the passion in a marriage including helping them with the little things and keeping on woo'ing your spouse.

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Relationships should have fire and passion. What can we do that flame starts to dim?

Feel passion again

Passion in a relationship. Dean Jackson. Why do we start to lose the passion in a relationship? Why does the flame start to die? When we first start seeing someone they are our focus. As time moves on, whether justified or not, we start to prioritise other things. Children, friends, family, hobbies, work can all start to take our attention away from our partner We stop putting in the effort. As the shine wears off, our appetite to put in the effort can also start to wear off What we do with our partner becomes routine and comfortable.

The excitement fades We may let go of ourselves. As we get comfortable we may not look after ourselves as we once did. This may change the view of our partner if we are not the person we once were Things get complicated — As we move through life, we naturally have ups and downs.

These ups and downs, particularly the downs, can begin to tarnish and take the shine off of the relationship We can harbour grudges or bad feeling toward our partner for things they may or may not have done We move from passionate love to being companions Dynamics in a relationship can change.

One partner may become more needy or weaker in the relationship while the other more stronger and more dominant We stop doing things together. We lose our common interests and even the things that brought us together in the first place Merging identities. The experience of something real, is unforgettable.

Ellen J Barrier. Remember Remember the passion you had.

Feel passion again

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Reignite passion in a relationship