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The show also streams on CBSN beginning at a. ET and 1 p. PT on the Pop TV cable channel. You can also download the free "Sunday Morning" podcast at iTunes. Now you'll never miss the trumpet! Yet in the United States, there isn't an airport within the Top 30 of the World's Best Airports, and the average airport is 40 years old. Lee Cowan reports.

Free chat roulette in Bellevue Washington

These new flavors of alcohol are being created by a former chef of Denmark's famed Noma restaurant, at his company Empirical Spirits. Mark Phillips reports. To watch a trailer for "Dolemite Is My Name" click on the video player below:. Major Garrett reports.

Barry Petersen reports. Videographer: Carl Mrozek. COVER STORY: How the crowdsourcing website GoFundMe is changing charity Watch Video In the old days people might have turned to the government or to charities such as churches for help; today the first place many people seem to turn to is GoFundMe, a crowdsourcing website, now almost 10 years old, where anyone can appeal to the public to contribute money for pretty much anything — medical bills, disaster relief, funeral expenses, acts of kindness.

Jane Pauley reports. The story of the miracle of the oil is anything but simple, as correspondent Martha Teichner notes. Army draftee, composed a song about one of the most difficult aspects of Army life: the bugler's Reveille. Thomas eventually adopted Perez, who now works as a nurse.

Turns out, that was just the beginning. Over the next 15 years Thomas fostered more than 30 kids in Buffalo, New York, adopting five of them.

Free chat roulette in Bellevue Washington

Recently, when a family of five siblings was in danger of being split up, Thomas knew what he had to do. Steve Hartman reports. Francis of Assisi created the very first nativity scene as we know it, to inspire the local townspeople. Meant to mark the birth of Jesus, each nativity is an artistic expression of personal faith.

Free chat roulette in Bellevue Washington

Correspondent Nikki Battiste talks with Professor Eric Barreto of the Princeton Theological Seminary about the history of nativities, and visits the University of Dayton's Marian Library collection of nativities from around the world. She also checks out a living nativity scene in Mount Laurel, N. Videographer: David Cohen. MOVIES: How to watch Oscar shortlisted documentary features 15 non-fiction films chronicling such subjects as the horrors of war-torn Syria, an epic spaceflight, social justice fights, sustainable farming, and the indefatigable forces of nature, are up for an Academy Award nomination; check out options to stream or watch on demand.

With online shopping it's estimated the U. Amazon's own fleet of delivery trucks is expected to handle million holiday season shipments. John Blackstone got access to the testing of delivery drones that may replace many of those truck deliveries. And then there are the Kiwibots — four-wheeled robots that navigate sidewalks to bring food to hungry college students in Berkeley, Calif. Blackstone also witnessed something somewhat anachronistic in these times: organic dairy products delivered by a milkman.

She also talks with director Greta Gerwig and actress Saoirse Ronan about the latest movie version of the beloved tale, and why we're still talking about "Little Women" after years. Correspondent Tracy Smith talks about Nordstrom's history and longevity with some of the fourth-generation family members who have been minding the store. Louis hockey team Fifteen years after the death of singer Laura Branigan, her '80s pop hit became an unlikely sports anthem for the Stanley Cup-winning Blues.

Videographer: Alex Goetz. December 13 Check out the "Sunday Morning" listings of events this coming week. Roxana Saberi reports.

Free chat roulette in Bellevue Washington

Grocers say these stores have effectively forced them out of business, thereby reducing options for fresh food and produce for miles around. Experts say it is having negative effects on public health, but according to Dollar General it is up to consumers to decide where to shop and what to eat. Conor Knighton reports.

Correspondent Reena Ninan asked Gronkowski about the prospects of the Patriots as the regular season winds down and they head toward the playoffs. BOOKS: Eugenia Zukerman on keeping her sense of humor and dignity in the face of Alzheimer's Watch Video Longtime viewers will recognize Eugenia Zukerman, the internationally-acclaimed flutist, who for more than 20 years covered the arts for "Sunday Morning. In this profile originally broadcast on "Sunday Morning" on December 2,Thomas talked with correspondent Eugenia Zukerman about his enthusiasm both for the contemporary like Steve Reich's "Desert Music" and the classics of Beethoven and Gershwin.

This year he's recruited a few helpers, from the Milwaukee County Transit System, to spread some Yuletide cheer. MOVIES: Mel Brooks on the love of his life, Anne Bancroft, and comedy that's not PC Watch Video Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz sits down with the director and comedy writer, now 93, who opens up about his politically-incorrect films like "Blazing Saddles" and "The Producers," and whether they could be made today; and about his relationship with his soulmate, actress Anne Bancoft, with whom he was married for 41 years until her death in Recorded in their home studio, it became the best-selling album of the year.

Download or stream "Mobituaries with Mo Rocca" free at art Videographer: Scot Miller. December 6 Check out the "Sunday Morning" listings of art openings and events this coming week. CHARITY: Alec's mission Watch Video You may know Shriners Hospitals for Children because of one very special patient: year-old Alec Cabacungan, who was brought to Shriners because of a rare genetic disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta or brittle bone diseaseand who for the past five years has helped spread their mission as the charitable organization's leading spokes-kid. Lee Cowan talked with Cabacungan, who describes his challenges and aspirations, and who makes it all look so easy, while none of it really is.

And in many cases she gave them a final resting place. Seth Doane reports on the woman who has been called "The Cemetery Angel," who gave — and received — so many precious gifts. For the first time in six centuries, the Catholic Church had two popes. The new film "The Two Popes" imagines what conversations between year-old Pope Benedict played by Sir Anthony Hopkins and Pope Francis played by Jonathan Pryce would have sounded like — and since both pontiffs disagreed on most everything, not all of that conversation is polite.

Correspondent Tracy Smith talked with Hopkins and Pryce about their star-making movies, faith, and friendship. It won five Grammys and sold more than 33 million copies worldwide, making it one of the most successful albums of all time. Correspondent Luke Burbank talked with Cody, and with Morissette, who explains the joys of growing older, and of never shying away from confronting the big issues of life.

In this web exclusive Cody talked with correspondent Luke Burbank about her experience working in the "foreign" world of Broadway. You can stream the original Broadway cast album of "Jagged Little Pill" by clicking on the embed below Free Spotify registration required to hear the tracks in full :. Videographer: Derek Reich. Jane Pauley hosts our annual holiday broadcast devoted to all things epicurean. Check out our show's menu!

Free chat roulette in Bellevue Washington

And don't forget to check out our index of recipes and delicious menu suggestions from top chefs, cookbook authors, food bloggers, celebrity cooks, the editors of Bon Appetit magazine, and "Sunday Morning" staffers, including dishes featured on the show. How nutrition may affect brain health Watch Video A key element in brain health is nutrition, say researchers who believe the one factor that you have control over in terms of your mental health is at the end of your fork.

Susan Spencer talks with Dr. Drew Ramsey, a psychiatrist who "prescribes" a healthier diet in order to combat depression; Samantha Elkrief, a trained chef and wellness coach; and neuroscientist Lisa Mosconi, for whom brain scans reveal the differences in brain structure between those who eat a Mediterranean diet and those who consume standard Western fare. But now, with brick-and-mortar retail stores closing, food halls, offering a wide variety of ethnic cuisines and non-corporate dining choices, have become destinations in themselves, with hundreds opening up around the country.

Faith Salie looks at the changing face of dining, as former industrial spaces, a shuttered race track, and even shipping containers are being refitted into food stalls. A world of flavors under one roof. FRUITS: Breadfruit: Rediscovering the tropical fruit Watch Video Typically green and scaly on the outside, white and smooth like squash on the inside, breadfruit is a starchy member of the fig family that's similar in taste to a potato, and smells like fresh baked bread when cooked.

But you're not likely to come across it in most American grocery stores. Conor Knighton explores the history of breadfruit, a "canoe plant" first brought to Hawaii centuries ago by Polynesian explorers, and which today is used in everything from tacos and stews, to pizza, bagels, and even vodka. Martha Teichner reports. Luke Burbank reports on Trejo's taco empire.

Watch Video In the hallowed hall of food f, what in the world could be weirder than mukbang? A Korean term, mukbang refers to YouTube videos of people eating, and talking about their meal. And millions of people are hungrily watching. David Pogue reports. Jim Axelrod reports. The gin was almost as old as the house, built more than 90 years ago, and as correspondent Lee Cowan found out, old spirits are, indeed, rising from the dead, becoming a popular ingredient at auctions and "speakeasies" catering to pre-Prohibition Era tastes.

Tracy Smith reports. Seventy years later, he still loves giving cooking demonstrations, with an emphasis on the basics being the foundation good, great or masterful cooking. Taylor Knapp, who calls himself a snail wrangler, delivers his fresh snails to some of New York City's finest restaurants, like Frenchette, where chef Lee Hanson uses them to make brouillade escargots. Mo Rocca reports. Mo Rocca looks at the misunderstood years of Reconstruction in his latest episode of his podcast "Mobituaries.

Free chat roulette in Bellevue Washington

Videographer: Scott Miller. November 15 Check out the "Sunday Morning" listings of art openings and events this week. November 22 Check out the "Sunday Morning" listings of food events this holiday week.

COVER STORY: Rescuing art: The creativity and science of restoration Watch Video The painstaking work of art restoration is often done in a studio or a lab, removing decades of dulling dirt and dust, or repairing works that has been damaged, always with the aim of helping art — meant to stand the test of time — keep time at bay. But recently, when they climbed into the ring at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, they weren't thinking about their friendship. They were thinking about combat. Correspondent Kelefa Sanneh talked with exemplars of a sport that still receives much less recognition than men's boxing, and where prizefighting comes without much of a prize.

Free chat roulette in Bellevue Washington

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