Free whores Athens

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Andriopoulos Themis HistoryQuartiers. The pattern on which the «shirt» of the modern city is sewn each time is the result of the dialectic between order and disorder, rhythm and arrhythmia, regularity and exception, and most certainly the result of the dialectic between general laws and local protocols of space usage Stavridis, In the city of Athens and more specifically in its centre, there are lively streets, bright commercial avenues, noisy and ceremonial public spaces Pettas,streets suitable for morning and evening strolls.

Free whores Athens

However, the spatiotemporal discontinuity of the modern city means that not every road is taken by every person. There are ro where a special and informal exclusion takes place: «strange» ro, more suspect, neglected and dirty, illuminated at night solely by small lamps above the entrance of some houses. In Athens, these are the ro where brothels cluster. Space cannot be defined as an urban feature prior to habitation.

Free whores Athens

It is articulated via a system of discriminations and correlations. Ro like these, especially during night-time, offer an alternative meaning and a non-mainstream social experience, which cannot be shared by everyone. Is this perhaps a case of an «informal prohibition» of a gendered -and not only- mediation of this experience, due to the multiple risks of these enclaves?

It is certainly the case that in brothels streets, the majority cannot the shadows that wonder day and night looking for «something of their taste» or for brothel-hopping. Here, local protocols are of limited use. One of the most decisive factors for the clustering of prostitution in specific urban locations, were public health regulations Korasidou, It tried to do so by halting the spread of deadly sexually transmitted diseases, that were obviously connected to prostitution.

Prostitution was recognised as a profession by the « Directive on public girls and brothels » of the Ministry of Interior in Korasidou, Permission for running brothels was granted by the police. Since then, all regulatory directives and all relevant laws aimed to achieve control of prostitution not only in order to reduce sexually transmitted diseases, which was the official argument, but to eliminate the «moral offence» caused by the presence of prostitutes in neighbourhoods and streets, and mainly to control abnormality Korasidou:Tzanaki: When it legalised prostitution and restricted prostitutes in specific areas and neighbourhoods in order to effectively control them, the Greek State did nothing more than follow the practices of other European countries, such as France.

Prostitution was tolerated so long as it was controlled Korasidou: Nowadays in Athens, old, traditional brothels are located south of Omonia Square within two sizeable rectangular areas. Fylis Street, in the center of the rectangle, has more brothels compared to the other adjacent ro. Although the Fylis Str area is gradually losing its prominent position in this business, it still remains the Trouba of Athens photos: [1].

Free whores Athens

In this case, Iasonos Str functions in a way that is similar to Fylis Str photos: Unlike what is going on in Fylis Str. However, approximately the same social change is taking place in the composition of the population in the area around Fylis Str despite its middle class past. The key reason for the change in Metaxourgio is that the vast majority of brothels located there accepts immigrants as clients, unlike brothels in the Filis Str.

One of the reasons why brothels in the Filis Str. Having said that, immigrants can find an offer of half price only a kilometer away [2]. The majority of brothels is housed mainly in old neoclassical and almost derelict houses mostly in Metaxourgioeither in specially arranged ground floors mostly in Fylis area or in basements. Quite often, more than one brothels can be found in one house. During opening hours, brothels switch a small light on above their front door, which used to be red in the past photo This is where the title of the award-winning film The Red Lantern came from.

The film describes the miserable life of prostitutes in Trouba and the term « traditional brothels » derives from the way brothels operated there. This term is used to contrast the brothels of Fylis and Metaxourgion to an abundance of a new type of brothels, Studios photos In this case, the usually has the word Studio together with the address of the establishment on it. The practices are the same as in the «traditional» type of brothel, but the service offered is not for the mass-market.

Here, the remains of modernity are simply solidified into places where new regularities take the place of the old. For this reason, brothels also include studios. The same humidity inside, the same ruins inside and outside. What could, however, the brothel symbolise in a postmodern era when diversity and the ephemeral are mystified?

Bauman What kind of memories could the remains of a city create, a city where rules, rhythms and behaviours have now changed even in finding a paid sexual partner? Foucault, For there are times when even this tacky and impersonal vulgar love can bequeath some monuments to the future. Is the creaking of an old and rotten door opening in a room not a trace?

Could these transformations of a fleeting paid sexual contact leave behind such traces today? What remains from a sexual encounter in an impersonal hotel or from an online erotic «contact» cyber sex? Could Alexis Damianos make the film Evdokia today, using a call girl as the main character? Brothels are one of the few remaining aspects of modernism where universality is neighbouring regularity but not necessarily similarity.

The strangeness of this condition is that the brothel serves a traditional process from which non-familiar situations emanate regularly. They originate outside of the spatio-temporal order, that normally shapes heterotopic new experiences and provision relationships? Brothels, as heterotopias, are places charged with the temporariness of dwelling, places where the rules, although known, remain unwritten. The norms governing their function are oral. This is probably a «pre-modern» element that survives to the present.

The brothel performs the dual function of rescuing regularity through the simultaneous preservation of intimacy associated with the past. It is a tradition that is not necessarily associated with the repetitive use of space, but with the security of regularity, of the possibility of immediate selection and with the confidence of visibility. This desire however has already been structured as peculiar intimacy or unfamiliar regularity.

In this case, heterotopia validates its precariousness as the possible metaphor for a spatialised utopia which does not seem impossible any more. The mayor of Piraeus -taking advantage from the period climate of the newly established dictatorship in closed the bars and evicted the prostitutes.

This marked the end of Trouba as a prostitution area, but the name refers to a legendary brothel area in the collective memory of Athenians. There were cases where a demand was made of dark-skinned natives or foreigners were to speak some words in Greek, in order to be accepted or not.

Brothels: houses which stood the test of time Andriopoulos Themis HistoryQuartiers.

Free whores Athens

Map 1: Prostitution in central Athens. Photos The Fylis area. Photo 1: Filis street. On the left are visible the brothels Source, Th. Photos The Metaxourgio area. Photos A new type of brothels: the Studios. Photo Brothel in basement on Filis street Source, Th. Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermoderity. Howe J ed. Bauman Z Liquid modernity. Cambridge: Polity Press. Final research report for the Onassis Cultural Foundation limited distribution.

Free whores Athens

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