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From this point of view their duty was to seek and destroy not only germans but also PartisansUstashes Because they were king's army defending the interest of king and his goverment. Their duty was to destroy every military element that was not in conection with king. I know that the in wrong because the Chetniks were not collaborators with the Germans during World War II and that that photo of German soldiers with the Chetnik fighters is in fact a fake photo superimposed by the Communists.

My citations of Chetniks aiding allies have been deleted but yet some of the references claiming that Chetniks were axis collaborators remain with just the name of some author with NO title of a book whatsoever. Don't be alarmed, I didn't change article content at all.

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Balkanskiredneck talk21 April UTC [ ]. Whats wrong with writing that not all chentiks collaborated? Also whats wrong with adding a bit of neutrality to the "instrukcije" part? To me, a Bosnjak this text is very offensive. First of all, this text seems to present chetniks as Serbian heros! Chetniks have always killed mercilessly Muslims, Croats and Jews, so how can they be heros? There is no mention of chetniks in the Bosnian war ofhowever there are numerous videos of the chetnik flag being carried by Bosnian Serb soliders or perhaps cowards.

Please, at least put a warning that the article seems to be bias. Thank you! I'd like to ask why my sources were deleted. About 2 weeks ago I added a couple sentences to the first section, without in any way editing the content itself. I was only adding a small piece to it.

I mentioned that Chetniks were involved in an operation known as Halyard in which they saved many American pilots and protected them from axis occupational forces. I'll repeat that I did NOT in any way edit any other content of the article. You can confirm this yourself by looking at the last 'Balkanskiredneck' edit made on on May 26, I do not understand why this little addition had to be deleted despite being added with appropriate references.

If you want to review these references yourself, here they are:.

Lets chat on chitnik

Next time content with these kinds of references are deleted, they should be done away with along with a legitimate reason for their deletion rather than a simple unexplained deletion. If I had done the same thing to other kinds of references and content in this article, I assure you that you all would be far less tolerant with those actions than I am with these deletions of appropriately referenced content. Quick replies appreciated. You can have my honest gurantee I haven't made a single edit to this article since this deletion of my addition of content.

But if this continues without mandatory and legitimate reasons, it undermines the purpose of contributing to the article and I might attempt to bring more experienced editors to try solving the matter.

Lets chat on chitnik

Look, you keep talking about some kind of ideas, but you're ignoring and forgetting my point, the only thing that matters here. Its simply true that the Chetniks engaged in operations against Allied forces in coordination with the Axis. What else is there to discuss??! Just take a look at the above listed OKW reports concerning just how great the Chetniks and Germans worked together. I have to say it takes a hell of a lot of propaganda and indoctrination to make someone so blind to a fact so blatantly obvious : they were a collaborating organization.

Not by ideology, but certainly in practice. They didn't collaborate because they were "evil", it was simply the best course of action available to them if they were to achieve their goals. The Partisans didn't stay loyal because they were the "good guys", they simply had no choice whether they wanted to or not. The Chetniks' logic, i. They correctly deduced that if the Germans win in Russia they'll get obliterated anyway, but just in case they lose, the Chetniks will do everything in their power and desperately try to destroy what they correctly perceive as the greatest threat to the Yugoslavia they were trying to re- establish.

Sine they could not destroy this threat, the left-wing resistance, by themselves, they will with other extreme right-wing forces in occupied Yugoslavia to do so i. The Partisans, of course, simply could not do anything of the kind themselves even if they wanted to: they were the only left-wing faction in the entire area. Yes they collaborated with both sides. Yes, they were definitely "collaborating with both sides". Your POV has now become quite obvious.

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You're not here to introduce new information, or to correct errors. You're on a mission to make the Chetniks look as good as will be allowed. Above you were claiming that they didn't collaborate or that few collaborated, now you're claiming they constitute an imaginary "third front" collaborating with everyone.

You'll take any angle you can in your agenda. As I said above, it makes your efforts look desperate You're ignoring my point: no they were most certainly NOT on both the side of the Allies and the Axis at the same time. You absolutely can not be on both sides of a war at the same time, that's just the kind of stretch one expects from a desperate POV attempt.

If this is about the airmen again, let me once again emphasize the complete and total irrelevance of that particular point in proving that they were Allies. Please forget itit does not mean a thing. Despite your smoke screen, the situation is quite clear. The Chetniks were sympathetic to the western Allies, but hostile to the other Allied powers.

Unfortunately for them, those are not two alliances. You can't be friendly with one, and murderously hostile to another part of an alliance. This is why the Allies of WWII held the great conferences, in which they determined, among other things, the t stance of the Allied powers towards any and all factions involved to the war. This included the Chetniks and the Partisans. At the Tehran conference, the Partisans were recognized as the Allied forces of Yugoslavia. More importantly, the Chetniks were not recognized as Allies.

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Therefore, they are not "Allies" in any way. My point is: the western Allies, to which the Chetniks were sympathetic, publicly abandoned and denounced them. Let's conclude. You essentially claim the following: The Chetniks movement which engaged in large-scale offensives against Allied forces in coordination and collaboration with Axis forces is not, in fact, Axis, because members of that movement rescued a relatively small of western Allied airmen. It somehow seems more likely that the Chetniks, as opportunists, tried to play both sides but obviously failed miserably in their attempts to get the support and protection of the western Allies.

Some elements within the western Allies were indeed sympathetic to the Chetnik plight, but that does not make the Chetniks "on the Allied side". The only thing that matters is who they actually fought and in collaboration with whom. A ridiculous rescue operation or two is completely and utterly negligible and irrelevant when compared to war operations and mass offensives. How many times are you going to try and push that bull?

There was no "formal" alliance, of course, because they're not a state. They're a crappy little militia force, they don't enter into "formal" negotiations with world powers. Now you're just talking nonsense. As I said before: the Chetnik ideology is irrelevant in collaboration considerations. Its what they did that matters, not what they said they'd do.

You're right: "rescue operations are not ridiculous". Trying to use them as proof of non-collaboration in the face of Chetnik offensives on Allied forces is what's completely ridiculous. At first Churchill and Tito were buddies, then Churchill was angry at Tito, then they were buddies again after the Tito-Stalin split. That's all irrelevant, and what that all has to do with Chetnik collaboration I have no idea.

The Soviet Union made no false reports on Yugoslavia, that's a conspiracy theory Serbian radical nationalists promote so that they can live in their dream world of Chetnik glory. Its a joke. Soviet agents in the MI5?? Does this include Randolph Churchillwho was personally sent on a mission to the Partisans? Concerning the statements by Churchill you've quoted: one is unconfirmed and only reported " I was deceived "the other is a diplomatic nicety. A gesture of sympathy to the deposed King, it has nothing to do with the Chetniks whatsoever. Again: you're rambling on and on and on with not a single sentence actually presenting some kind of relevance to the question of Chetnik collaboration.

That's collaborationthe very definition of it. All your endless gibberish above has no bearing on these simple facts. And these simple facts are all that matters with regard to Chetnik collaboration. See what's happening? You can't refute these main points so you're now just drning on about conspiracy theories, "third fronts" and what not. That's it from me, have fun venting your frustration. What part of " these simple facts are all that matters with regard to Chetnik collaboration " didn't you understand?

Or am I supposed to repeat it again for the fifth time? The Chetniks were loyal to the crown only in their theory, in practice they were NOT loyal to the crown. They betrayed the crown by fighting against the Yugoslav forces supported by the crown. Interesting how you only replied to the irrelevant text in the brackets.

Don't bring this up again, it won't be adressed. The subject of this discussion is not whether they collaborated inits whether they collaborated during WWII. The recognition of the crown is not necessary for admission to the Allies. The AVNOJ was recognized as a body equal to the government-in-exile, leading to a merge of the two near the end of the war. Minor acts of sabotage and diversion are completely negligible in comparison to large-scale anti-Allied offensives and logistical dependence on the Axis. Again, this is a negligible fact in comparison to large-scale anti-Allied offensives and logistical dependence on the Axis.

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You should also remember that it was covert, and that it did not last into Yeah, phoey on Operation Halyard!

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