Lookin for fun right now

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It may have been nice to sit back, relax, and binge-watch TV for the first couple of weeks of quarantine, but now the boredom is really starting to seep in. If you've done every puzzle, organized every cabinetand baked enough bread to feed a family of five, then this list is for you. We've compiled a list of 50 fun things to do at home that will keep you entertained. And who knows? By the time you burn through all these boredom busters, those stay-at-home orders may have lifted!

Quarantine can be a stressful time—this calls for the ambiance and calming scents of candles. Candles can be expensive, and they're hard to buy online since you can't test the scents ahead of time. If you've burned through your batch of store-bought candles, why not make your own? Follow an online tutorialand in no time you'll have your own unique scent to fill your home with.

Once nail salons shut down, women everywhere regretted putting off getting a fresh manicure and pedicure. If you were able to get your gel nail polish offyou're probably looking for a new coat of paint. Painting your nails may never have been your strong suit, but now is the best time to practice—because if you mess up, no one will see it. If you're already a pro at doing a basic manicure, try stepping up your game with an added de.

This activity lets you create something that will brighten up your home in just 15 minutes with only three materials. This tutorial for making a macrame plant holder also has more advanced options for dip-dyeing or embroidering your product if you want to take your hanging plant holder to the next level. Macrame plant holders are quite pricey to purchase, so this little project will save you money while giving you a sense of pride in your creation. Many people are experiencing skin breakouts due to added stress, not to mention less sun.

Take some time to do a little self-care and give yourself a spa-level facial. If you don't already have a facial scrub, you can easily make your own with ingredients you have lying around the house. When you're done, you'll wonder why you haven't been doing this every week of quarantine. People are experiencing a variety of emotions while social distancing, and each one deserves its own playlist. Set aside some time to create the perfect playlist for all of your quarantine moodsfrom rainy Monday blues to upbeat Friday optimism.

Your future self will thank you for making your life feel like a movie with impeccable background music. A little bit of nostalgia can go a long way in clearing the quarantine blues. Dust off your old video games on the shelf or find newer versions of your favorites online. Hours will fly by in your virtual world, and you'll completely forget you're in lockdown. Scrapbooking is a nice way to remember all the great times you had out in the world pre-quarantine.

Lookin for fun right now

For now, the memories will have to suffice, so its time to preserve them. Scrapbooking is an easy activity to master because it doesn't have any hard and fast rules. When scrapbooking, you just use your creative eye to make all the decisions. However, if you are seeking a bit of guidance, there are plenty of scrapbooking tutorials online.

If you've binged all the Netflix shows on your list and you're tired of re-watching old movies, try something new and have your own film festival from the comfort of your home. You could go for indie films, horror filmsor past Oscar winners you missed. Make some snacks and watch the movies over the course of a weekend. If you're struggling to select titles, you can even revisit film festival lineups from years.

Even if it's a wine and cheese night for one, we've never seen a problem a charcuterie board—and a generous pour of Cabernet—couldn't solve at least for the moment. Putting together a great selection of cheeses and pairing it with just the right bottle will give you all the thrill of hosting with far less cleanup. Get your quarantine mates to in, and it'll be the highlight of your lockdown.

Lookin for fun right now

We're all in need of a little escape, but since we're not allowed to go anywhere, we'll have to create an escape at home. If you're lucky enough to have a backyard, pitch a tent, have a bonfire for s'mores or make them in the microwaveand sleep under the stars.

If you don't have a yard, clear your living room, build a fort tent, grab your favorite snacks, and camp out indoors. And for more activities that are fun for the whole family, try these 9 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids During Quarantine. Expensive DNA tests like 23andme have spiked in popularity over the past year, but since you have the time right now, you could go old school and trace your own family tree.

Sites like Ancestry have a free trial to help get you started tracing your lineage.

Lookin for fun right now

It's a really meaningful time to reach out to family abroad, get to know them, learn about their history, and see how they are faring amid the pandemic. Doing this will help you meet new people from the safety of your home—and you might just learn something super interesting about your family's past. If you've been putting off starting therapy because you haven't had the time, this is the perfect opportunity to give teletherapy a try. Many therapists are offering online sessions. See if you can find one who accepts your insurance and get started.

Because this is such a stressful time, attending therapy could be extremely beneficial for your mood and mindset while you are in quarantine. There are plenty of games to help you keep your mind sharp while you're sitting around. Apps like Lumosity have tons of games targeted to enhance memory and problem-solving skills.

If you do enough brain teasers, you may come out of quarantine smarter than when you began it. We all have a secret idea or two that we think is totally genius. Whether it's starting a blog, deing workout clothes, or making ice cream, now is the time to give that creative impulse a bit of your time and energy. Flesh out your idea and plug any holes it may have so that when the time is right, you can get your side hustle up and running. Sure, you've circled your block a dozen times by now, but have you ventured into new territory yet?

Let yourself wander in a new direction, or—if you have a car—drive to a different neighborhood for your daily socially distanced walk. You'll be glad to take in some fresh sights and sounds. It could be a while before we see the salon chair again. If you don't trust yourself to cut your own hairthe best way to keep it healthy is by applying a hair mask. There are a lot of easy at-home recipes for hair masks that will help restore your dead ends until you can see your stylist again.

If you're usually too shy to get up in front of a crowd and belt out some tunesnow is your time to shine. Get a group together and let your worries melt away as you riff to your favorite artist—or laugh at your friend's sorry attempt. You could make it a weekly meeting or let it be a one-night only event.

Whether you follow along with a virtual dance class or just blast some music and dance in front of your mirrorthis activity is a foolproof mood booster. If you don't love traditional workouts, dancing is a great way to get your heart rate up and sweat it out. So shake it off and start feeling the benefits. If your iPhone photography abilities are subpar, this is a great time to up your game. Practice taking pictures of nature on your walks, the stillness of your home, or even selfies. Play around with different editing apps for a polished finished product.

When the quarantine is over, you'll be ready to take pictures of the new world awaiting us. With live concerts on hold for the foreseeable future, many musicians have taken to the internet to share their talents with their fans. National Public Radio's Tiny Desk series has transitioned to posting mini-concerts of your favorite artists at home, and Verizon's PayItForwardLive series presents a concert from a different artist each week. If you prefer more classical tunes, you could check out major city orchestras like the Seattle Symphony and the Detroit Symphony Orchestrawhich are offering free broadcasts via their YouTube and Facebook s.

If you're seeking some companionship, fostering a pet is the perfect solution. Fostering a dog or cat during this pandemic lets you do something helpful, gives you a reason to go out for walks, and provides you with a cuddly friend to help lift your spirits. If your brain is begging for a break from endless COVID news and Hulumaybe it's time to engage in some learning. All eight Ivy League schools are offering hundreds of online courses for free.

Class Central founder Dhawal Shah compiled a list of over classes that are available, which is a great place to start. Tie-dye seems to be all the rage again these days, which has also made it pretty pricey on some sites. Skip the online shopping and opt to tie-dye your own clothes at home. If you're getting sick of the sweatpants or T-shirt you've been wearing for the better part of quarantine, give them a second life with a pop of psychedelic color.

Lookin for fun right now

Tie-dying can be done with a kit or with all-natural ingredients you may already have at home. Things might get messy, but when all is said and done, you'll have a groovy upcycled shirt to show for it. If you're missing your gym or workout classes—and you're growing tired of running—an online workout class is a great alternative. Many fitness establishments are offering free online classes.

Home-cycling giant Peloton is offering new users a day trial on their app, Planet Fitness is offering "Home Work-Ins" streamed live at 7 p. ET daily on their Facebookand Gold's Gym is offering free access to the Gold's Amp digital personal trainer app through the end of May, with more than audio and video workouts to keep your daily workouts fresh. If you're looking for more specialized classes, you can also find balletyogaboxingand, yes, retro Jane Fonda workouts online. Just because trips abroad might be on hold for a while doesn't mean you can't experience some culture at home. Get a head start on learning a new language, so that when you can travel again, you'll easily be able to converse with locals.

You can take a virtual classhave a friend tutor you, teach yourselfor download an app to get started. If you have a way with words or something you want to get off your chest, a blog could be a great medium for you.

Lookin for fun right now

There are plenty of blog platforms to choose from, many of which are free to use. You can pick a theme to stick to, or just muse on whatever comes to you daily. Whether millions read it or just your mom, a blog might be the perfect way to express your creativity during this time. Although the New York Metropolitan Opera is closed for the season, they are still entertaining audiences.

Every day they have an encore presentation from the company's Live in HD series. Each day's presentation is available to stream for 23 hours until a new opera is put in its place. You can view the stream in a browser, or through their on-demand streaming app.

With grocery stores running low on certain items, you're probably looking to get creative with the strange and seemingly incompatible ingredients you have in your kitchen. Why not host a Chopped challenge for your friends? If you're not familiar with the long-running Food Network show, it follows chefs as they prepare three-course meals using obscure ingredients selected by the show.

To compete virtually, video chat with a friend or two, show them your pantry and fridge, and let them select three random items you must include in your meal. Then do the same for them. While you throw your meals together, catch up on your day. And when your dishes are done, rate each other's plates on appearance—then dig in. You no longer need to pay the price of admission for the world's most famous museums.

With this technology, you can curl up in a comfy spot and study some of history's most stunning artwork and incredible advancements from your laptop or phone. Journals are time capsules that capture your innermost thoughts during a specific time in your life—like, for example, this unparalleled time in history, which may be something you want to preserve so you can look back on it years from now. You can set a schedule that suits you: Journaling in the morning is a great grounding technique, whereas journaling before bed lets you wind down and reflect.

If you're stuck, you can scan the internet for some creative journal prompts to get you started. If you have a guitar at home, check out some online lessons. If you never got around to learning how to play the instrument—or you want to reach expert level—this is the perfect time to start that journey. The Fender site is offering a free three-month online subscription which includes classes for electric and acoustic guitarsas well as ukulele.

Ready to tackle that stack of books you've been meaning to read? Starting a virtual book club will help keep you able for a certain amount of s each week while also giving you a scheduled time to look forward to chatting with friends. Take a vote with your friends to decide what your inaugural book will be, then set a comfortable pace i.

Lookin for fun right now

You'll be pleasantly surprised by how many amazing conversations flow when you're discussing a juicy read.

Lookin for fun right now

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50 Fun Things You Can Do at Home Right Now in Quarantine