Looking for a fwb gf

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Originally Posted by Guy. Bearing in mind this a hypothetical scenario. Jealousy, indignation? The fact the was banging away while was being made to wait?

If he never found out it would not have bothered him so in theory it should not have if he did know about it. But finding down the line could upset him. Depends on what she was actually telling him. Saying things like he is special so he must wait? Easy for her - she's getting her sex. Perhaps he sees it as being unfair that she was getting it while he had to suffer? And he didn't know. Then he finds out why it was so easy for her to hold off.

Looking for a fwb gf

He makes her horny, he has to go home and take care of himself while she goes off and gets laid. What do you think? I wonder how I would feel? Would I dump her for it? I'm sure I would not make a public scene of it. Originally Posted by Tinawina. No I was talking about if the FWB would be mad, not the boyfriend. I totally get why the boyfriend would be mad. Not that she did anything wrong necessarily, that would depend on exactly what was said to the boyfriend during the two months. Originally Posted by Ruth4Truth. OK, here we have it.

A new member resurrected this topic, cryptically, even though it appears not to be a personal issue of theirs.

Looking for a fwb gf

Go figure. So, are we going for another 50 s of this, this time around? Later, people. Skimmed this thread a bit. I just hope you use protection, because this girl is a player. Hot, or not, it is not worth an STD, nor pregnancy. Also, there is a Chinese proverb. When seeking revenge, dig two holes. Take the high road, and if you just want to be an FWB, at least for now, say so. You don't have to be Mr. Nice Guy doormat, but all we have ultimately in who we see in the mirror is our character, and integrity.

Rise of virtue. Originally Posted by MontyMan. Hi everybody. Met a girl. We got along well. No problem. Took us about 2 months to get to it. We all know the end game here but I have not yet confronted her with this.

Before I do I want to be prepared. Going to give the TLDR summary of this entire thread for anyone that wants to know about the story here. This thread is a little over 4 years old and the OP isn't around anymore. OP meets girl and they have been dating for 6 months, they got intimate after 2 months of dating. She explained to him during the dating stage that she 'isn't that kind of girl' and takes things slow. OP gets upset that she had sex right away with another guy that she met after she met him but made him wait in order to show him that she 'isn't that kind of girl'.

One key point is there had never been the exclusive agreement yet, so technically she did nothing wrong. This point was brought up numerous times by female posters in this forum. So OP realizes this and then decides he will also get a FWB and continue casually seeing this girl but will never ever bring up the exclusive agreement talk. Only he is doing this without telling her because why should he? So here is my take on this. From the female perspective I can understand why some women make one guy wait and another guy gets sex right away. Women are sexual creatures too with sexual needs just like men.

Finds an attractive guy and wants to have some sex.

Looking for a fwb gf

When a boyfriend material guy comes along she doesn't want to portray the image that she is an easy girl with lots of sexual partners so she makes him wait. Women know that if they sleep with a guy right away that it lowers the chances of a LTR developing with that guy. Then the male perspective. Guys hate it when a woman has double standards.

One of our biggest pet peeves is women that make us wait to prove our worth to her but gives sex right away to some other guy for nothing. Nothing like taking a woman out to dinner and drinks; she kisses you good night with a hug. Then you find out she went home and had sex with another guy. It is a relationship killer. The whole 'I'm not that kind of girl' goes out the window if he finds out she didn't make other guys wait like she did with him. In his mind he is thinking she IS that kind of girl, just not with him which is a slap in the face. What men learn from scenarios like this is that sexually aggressive douche bags that don't act like boy friend material get sex faster and easier then stand up boy friend material men.

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My girlfriend continued a FWB relationship when we started dating attraction, gf. User Name. Remember Me. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Search Forums Advanced. 52 of Last ». Advertisements he choose to have a relationship with her knowing she had a fwb? Location: Auckland, New Zealand 7, posts, read 3, times Reputation: Quote: Originally Posted by Guy Bearing in mind this a hypothetical scenario.

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Looking for a fwb gf

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