Looking for fun 100 real

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Looking for fun 100 real

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The world nay, the universe is a weird, wacky, fascinating place. This interesting fact will have your taste buds crawling. They force the ants to climb trees, then convulse and fall into the cool, moist soil below, where fungi thrive. Once there, the fungus waits until exactly solar noon to force the ant to bite a leaf and kill it.

The original oranges from Southeast Asia were a tangerine-pomelo hybrid, and they were actually green. In fact, oranges in warmer regions like Vietnam and Thailand still stay green through maturity. Can you guess the answer to this random fact? Yes, there was a real John Chapman who planted thousands of apple trees on U. Some examples: sneesl to start raining or snowing ; feefle to swirl ; flinkdrinkin a light snow.

Looking for fun 100 real

Do these interesting facts have you rethinking everything? Was this one of the random facts you already knew? In fact, one Texas man was hospitalized when a bullet he shot at an armadillo ricocheted off the animal and hit him in the jaw. Like most four-legged mammals, they have five toes on the front, but their back paws only have four toes.

Scientists think the four-toe back paws might help them run faster. When there was a cotton shortage during World War I, Kimberly-Clark developed a thin, flat cotton substitute that the army tried to use as a filter in gas masks. The war ended before scientists perfected the material for gas masks, so the company redeveloped it to be smoother and softer, then marketed Kleenex as facial tissue instead. These random facts are mind-blowing! Thosecalories are more than times the energy the whale uses to scoop those krill into its mouth. The original jeans only had four pockets: that tiny one, plus two more on the front and just one in the back.

Heft figured the two would earn statehood soon and showed the government his de. After President Dwight D. They do have molars in the top back of their mouths though. Getting new equipment to the Space Station used to take months or years, but the new technology means the tools are ready within hours. Most of it is covered in gravel, though it also contains mountains and oases. Or technically, we peel them upside-down. These random facts will have you eating fruit differently.

Naturally, they grow outward from their stems, but that means their bottoms actually face the sky. As they get bigger, the fruits turn toward the sun, forming that distinctive curve. Most of the volcanoes probably stopped one billion years ago, but NASA findings have suggested there might still have been active lava flow million years ago, when dinosaurs were still roaming.

No one is sure why the poet dusted his face with green powder, though some guess he was just trying to look more interesting. Some of these fun facts will have you counting. Its technical name is octothorpe. Some claim it was named after Olympian Jim Thorpe, while others argue it was just a nonsense suffix.

Ingalocher —meaning to kiss with tongues—was added to the Petit Robert French dictionary. The first trailer appeared in and was for a Broadway show, not a movie. The joystick in the Mercedes F showcase car controlled speed and direction, replacing both the steering wheel and pedals. The car could also sense which side the driver was sitting in, so someone could control it from the passenger seat.

Its name was Bill and was a present from the Ethiopian emperor. Roosevelt was famous for his many pets, including a one-legged rooster, a badger, a pony, and a small bear. It also happens to have the smallest population of any state capitalwith just 7, residents. By the s, aristocrats started eating tomatoes, but they were convinced the fruits were poison because people would die after eating them.

Studies have indicated rats dream about getting to food or running through mazes. Percy Spencer was working as a researcher for American Appliance Company now Raytheon when he noticed a radar set using electromagnetic waves melted the candy bar in his pocket.

Looking for fun 100 real

He had the idea to make a metal box using microwaves to heat food, but the company was the one to file the patent. A cattle rancher in New Jersey is credited for inventing glitter, and it was by accident. Henry Ruschmann from Bernardsville, New Jersey was a machinist who crushed plastic while trying to find a way to dispose of it and thus made glitter in Frankenstein and Creature are fictional characters created by Mary Shelley in her novel, Frankenstein.

According to a Johns Hopkins research team,deaths in the United States are caused by medical error each year. This makes medical error the third-leading cause of deaths in the country. Despite physical length, there are more bones in the neck of a sloth than a giraffe. There are seven vertebrae in the neck of giraffes, and in most mammals, but there are ten in a sloth. Bees can fly higher than 29, feet above sea level, according to National Geographic. Mice were also used as a warts remedy during Elizabethan England. The bladder would be sealed with a string and then pricked to get the paint out.

American painter John G. Rand was the innovator who made paint tubes from tin and screw cap in the 19 th century. The Olympic world record for the longest human long jump is greater than the world record for longest horse long jump.

Looking for fun 100 real

Mike Powell set the record in by jumping 8. In the 18 th century, pigeon poop was used to make gunpowder, so King George I confirmed the droppings to be property of the crown. The rings and layers of onions were worshipped because people thought they represented eternal life. Wayne C. Ludwig van Beethoven is arguably one of the greatest composers in musical history. The renowned pianist went to a Latin school called Tirocinium.

There he learned some math, but never multiplication or division, only addition. Once when he needed to multiply 62 by 50, he wrote 62 down a line 50 times and added it all up. The tuna sushi was actually raspberry, the seaweed wrapped one was pumpkin pudding flavored, and the sea urchin sushi was actually Hokkaido melon with mascarpone cheese flavored. All were made with puffed rice, white chocolate, and a bit of wasabi. Samantha Cristoforetti is the first female Italian astronaut to get a warm and cozy piece of home sent to her while in orbit. The Italian Space Agency worked with Italian coffee manufacturer, Lavazza, to get the coffee capsules flown up and out into space.

Ed Catmull, the co-founder of Pixar, wrote in his book Creativity Inc. It would have taken a year to recreate what was deleted, but luckily another employee had a backup of the entire film on her laptop at home. The three technology innovators ed the documents to form the Apple Computer Company on April 1, However, the company was not fully incorporated until January 3, Thirty years later, the company was renamed Apple Inc. InApple Inc. InQueen Victoria was on a tour on the Isle of Wight when her horse and carriage could not keep up with a woman riding a tricycle.

The Queen made her servants identify the woman so she could demonstrate the tricycle to the Queen. Intrigued by the bike, the Queen proceeded to order two. She also asked that the inventor, James Starley, arrive with the delivery.

Though you might associate tricycles with toddlers, Queen Victoria made them cool among the elite. Special deliveries are definitely a royal bonus. A study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Sleep and Consciousness was done on mice to observe what happens to our brains while we sleep.

Chiara Cirelli and Dr. Giulio Tononi found an 18 percent decrease in the size of synapses after a few hours of sleep. He first created the Cortez shoe, but still wanted to make a shoe even lighter that could be worn on various surfaces. During a waffle breakfast with his wife inthe idea came to him of using the waffle texture on the sole of running shoes. The waffle sole shoe made their appearance in the U.

Olympic track and field trials in Eugene. National Geographic reported that at Basel Zoo in Switzerland, zookeepers watched adult and juvenile wild boars pick up sandy apples and bring them to a nearby creek in their environment to wash before eating.

Though some items like sugar beets were eaten without the human-like behavior, the boars brought a whole dead chicken to the creek to wash before chowing down. People have been playing baseball since the mid 19 th century. In the early games, umpires would officiate the games reclining in a rocking chair that was located 20 feet behind home plate. He flew between St. Petersburg, Florida and Tampa, Florida, where only 21 miles of water separate the cities.

Looking for fun 100 real

Pheil, a former mayor of St. Petersburg, and the pilot, Tony Jannus, were the only passengers. This momentous flight paved the way for air travel as we know it.

Looking for fun 100 real

After reading 54 intricately crafted chapters, the reader is stopped abruptly mid-sentence. New Zealand native Nigel Richards memorized the entire French Scrabble dictionary, which haswords, in nine weeks to earn his title. He has also won the English world Scrabble Championship three times, the U. Open Scrabble tournament six times. This comes 20 years after first playing Scrabble when Richards was 28 years old. The West Midlands police in England released a recording of a woman who called the U.

She was even more upset when the ice cream truck man did not want to give her money back. German chemist Erich Huzenlaub invented a process of parboiling rice to keep more nutrients in the rice and lessen the cooking time. The quick-cook, bug-free rice was a big advantage during World War II, and Converted rice as it was then known was airdropped to American and British troops.

That equates to about 13 million square miles. These sounds even come from the egg before the turtle hatches. Researchers hypothesize that this helps all the turtle siblings hatch at once. Alexander Fleming was one of those quirky scientists who accidentally made a scientific breakthrough.

Inthe bacteriologist left a petri dish in his lab while he was on vacation only to return and find that some liquid around the mold had killed the bacteria in the dish. This is one of the many interesting facts that had us scratching our head. Or a dog or a miniature horse, but not by parents.

Looking for fun 100 real

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