Looking for my holiday cheer

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Yet, for many this is rarely the case. Some will be celebrating the holidays for the first time without a loved one. Feelings of isolation, loneliness, or betrayal will be multiplied over the coming weeks. Often times unmet expectations of the holiday season mix with the grey and gloom of winter to bring deep levels of depression. And for most people, the hustle and bustle of extra shopping, extra parties, crowded parking lots and check-out lines lead to greater stress than other times of the year.

Yes, indeed, the most wonderful time of the year is too often felt as the most difficult. But we can intentionally spread some holiday cheer this week and make it a little more wonderful for somebody. Plus, given the fact the quickest way to find happiness is to help someone else find theirs, intentionally spreading holiday cheer is the best way to find it ourselves. Consider this list of simple ideas you could complete this week.

Handwrite a letter. The handwritten letter has become a lost art in our world. During the holiday season, the handwritten letter has been replaced by the mass produced-family-photo-card-purchased-on-Shutterfly. And in a world where handwritten letters have been forgotten, their uniqueness and value increases dramatically.

So find yourself 10 minutes, a stamp, and an envelope. Choose an old friend with a current street address and put some of your thoughts of appreciation on paper. And it will be the best piece of mail your friend receives this holiday season. Technology has entirely changed our lives. In my lifetime alone, the idea of video conferencing with a friend has gone from far-fetched science fiction to cultural norm.

Use it to your advantage by connecting face-to-face with an old friend or a friend halfway around the world. Buy coffee for a stranger. Next time you roll through the drive-thru of your local coffee shop, offer to pay for yourself and the person behind you if they have already ordered, the cashier should have their bill handy.

Smile and joke with your next cashier. The hustle and bustle and stress-filled shopping days leading up to Christmas in plenty of customer-frustration. Parking lots are crowded, shelves are empty, aisles are full, and check-out lines are long. During these days in retail, even the simplest of smiles from a customer is too rare and fleeting. Next time you reach the front of the check-out line, make the most of your interaction by smiling, engaging, and flashing a little humor.

Leave a nice tip. Rare is the waiter or waitress getting wealthy at their job serving food to patrons. Most of the servers I know are working the shift just trying to make the ends meet for themselves and their family. Buy movie tickets for a family in your neighborhood. Know somebody on your block who has fallen into some difficult financial times? Time with family is always good. And some holiday entertainment may be just the distraction they need to experience a little extra cheer. Ask your religious friend about the story behind the season.

Looking for my holiday cheer

Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, and other religions all celebrate important dates and remembrances during the month of December. Almost certainly, their eyes will light up that somebody expressed interest in something so important to them. Invite someone over for dinner. For any of reasons, there are many people alone during the holidays. If you know someone alone this season, open your house to them for a meal. Rather than infringing on your holiday traditions, it may just become one of your favorites.

There are countless inexpensive, clutter-free gift ideas that can be shipped nearly anywhere in the world. With minimal expense and just a few mouse clicks, you can easily send an edible gift to show someone your appreciation for them. For example, a good friend just gifted me a membership to Mistobox. Needless to say, its arrival is virtually guaranteed to spread some holiday cheer into my coffee mug.

I learned it from my dad years ago. Now granted, with the prevalence of snowblowers nowadays, this early morning surprise may be a little less appreciated than in years past. Bring in a warm breakfast for your office. Doughnuts are great. I mean, everybody loves the guy who brings in doughnuts. But to take it even one step further this holiday season, bring in something warm for your officemates to eat.

If the timing is right, you can bring in something homemade. But I once had a boss unexpectedly bring in 25 various breakfast sandwiches from McDonalds and place them on the counter for the office staff. Certainly, it cost him a lot more than a dozen doughnuts. But I still talk about those breakfast sandwiches even 5 years later. Go ahead, sing along. Whether in your car, in the office, or in the store, you know the songs. They get played every year. And quite frankly, some of them are pretty darn catchy. So go ahead, sing along when you get the chance. Remember, cheerfulness is contagious.

But we can still intentionally seek to add life and cheer to the people around us. And as a result, make this season a little more wonderful. His new book, Things That Matterwill be published in April. Follow on Twitter Like on Facebook. Facebook is talking about a four gift tradition rule. Give them something they need. Give them something they want.

Looking for my holiday cheer

Give them something to wear. Give them something to read. There are great ideas in this post. I am going to do some. I am going to try to give a few dollars to strangers as I have seen people struggling with having the money to buy much food at Walmart or the Dollar Tree.

I have also been buying clearance items all year at Walmart for presents. Dropping off cookies and treats at your local fire and police departments is a great way to thank our first responders and say Merry Christmas! I love these ideas and will definitely put at least some of the them into practice this week. Thank you for a great blog. I just listed it as one of my favorites in my personal blog. Thank you for the incentive to hand write a letter! Train travel is a real possibility when folks retire, to at last enjoy travel.

Travel by railway also avoids just so much of the pressure that is now associated with airline travel. Rail travel is also often cheaper than many people think. This year I sent holiday post cards instead of the typical photo cards. It took more time but it felt more much meaningful.

I like 8. Some truly great ideas! I will add one that I was happy to please with: In my country of Sweden we have the tradition of celebrating Santa Lucia google it… and me and my kids went on a Lucia walk. We went to those we know who dont have kids or close family around and we sang and handed out ginger bread cookies swedish xmas tradition. The convenience fee is often more than the food item. I love all these ideas and actually do some of them during the Christmas season but also a couple at random times during the year.

One that seems to always mean the most though is inviting someone who is alone or experiencing difficulties over for dinner. And if a person is a bit shy to do so, make a full meal and deliver it! Even that is greatly appreciated. Really enjoyed this post, and am linking back to it on my blog. I like the idea of beginning at home, and spreading the cheer in every direction. Especially loved the quote at the beginning. Life, amongst other things, is simply a series of choices. We need to feel sad and mourn at times, it is healthy. We also need to feel grateful, thankful and inner joy at times, it is healthy.

We have to choose to budget our sadness and mourning while trying to maximize our thankfulness. It may cost us nothing but our time. It sure is the little things! I think about Jesus and how ONE person meant so much to him. He was approachable, compassionate and yes fun too! Awesome list Joshua! I do believe our generosity and caring for others can help minimize depression and loneliness.

There is just a good feeling when we help others. Thanks for sharing! Wonderful suggestions Josh! They can really touch and warm the hearts of others and bring a smile. If random acts of kindness inspired others to do the same we would all be very fortunate with cheerier and happier neighborhoods, workplaces and the world.

Merry Christmas! Great ideas for the season. Just for information purposes, Muslims do not celebrate any holiday in December as a regular holiday. We go by the lunar calendar so holidays change year by year. Ramadan was during the month of December many years ago. I remember standing in line during the month of December and the cashier was talking about Christmas. I said we celebrate Eid at the end of Ramadan. Another lady chimed in, in line behind me and said Ramadan Mubarak. She had a friend that was Muslim and knew about the upcoming holiday.

It is very nice talking to a variety of people who have open minds and want to learn about others and their traditions. That is why the US is such a great melting pot and we can be open to learning about others. Thanks for promoting peace and goodwill. LOVE your blog. I proceeded to give her the hoodie. Thank you very much for this.

Looking for my holiday cheer

I lost my mom earlier this year so this will be our first Christmas without her. Thank you for thinking to acknowledge people who are grieving. And thank you for reminding me of the wonders of Christmas spirit. I read once about a family that wrapped up boxes of chocolates, drove around, and gave them to people randomly. Merry Christmas.

Looking for my holiday cheer

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This Year I’m Going All Out on Holiday Cheer