Looking for straight massage therapist

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Looking for straight massage therapist

And here we go with the first and most obvious topic. Any interesting stories to tell about massaging physically attractive members of the opposite sex? Dear god, the stories i could tell you. I can either go for the " Inches from Orgasm client" or the " Missing link" so hairy that his hair went 5 different directions.

Looking for straight massage therapist

Imma guess you mean do i get less than Female massage therapists. It happens cause theres 2 things that i come across. Men that dont like being massaged by men. A whole " gay" vibe that they are afraid will happen if they get massaged by a male. Women that dont like being massaged by men, as due to a painful past or fear of a painful future.

But on the upside ive converted many of those non-believers because im a beast when it comes to deep pressure. I also work at a casino doing chair massage and i get MANY of the players that say " well if youd trade bodies with that cocktail waitress, wed be fine" Its jus something that you have to work through. What would you do if you gave a male customer a massage and they got a boner? The question is what " DID" i do. Ive had several male customers that have gotten an erection. They did the "subtle" slide the hand underneath the cover and moved it to one side.

Ive even accidentally brushed up against the tip of one massaging the customers leg while he was on his back. I even had one dude. He turned on his back and i saw what i thought was a place where the sheets folded up, so being as OCD as i am about my sheets i pulled the edge of the sheet. When i noticed its position. But then i had to get back to work. You just have to ignore it and move on. Also they say you can get a cold towel and put it on their head, and it helps get rid of the boner.

Have you ever gotten erect while working on a female client? Yes because regardless of who you are, how professional you are. You're only human. I handled it by ignoring it the best that i could. I've done the same tricks to hiding an erection as you would on any other time. Tuck it up to where it sits close to the waist line. Ive had some ugly clients and some downright. Increasingly higher pitched during the massage. But i remained professional, i focused on my work and just trudged through it.

Ive never had anyone notice i had an erection. Eventually you get used to seeing the naked body now of course im not seeing the FRONT but its something you get used to over time. Well it depends. I have my own business and i charge 60 dollars per hour. I work at a casino and do chair massage i make 10 an hour plus tips i work at a day spa. Its not glamorous. I went to the school of the lady that wrote the bookone of the foremost massage therapists in the U.

In lake Charles, La. The school had 2 options. About total tuition. After the "finals" you take a test thats like dollars Then they ship y our certificate and Voila! Never saw her again Have you ever answered more than one question when u post an IAMA requesting questions? But i do get my forearm and hands massaged. Your just like another person at that point. Sometimes i can massage certain parts of myself. Not like that you perv but you meet other therapists and generally you make friends, and youll swap out massages. When you're getting massages, do you ever feel the need to critique the masseuse?

Oh absolutely. I always try to compare them to what i do Now i know that there are TONS of massage therapists that are better than me. But i mostly tend to critique other massages like anyone else would. I critique them by the massages ive received from other people. Plus i always like to learn new things and new techniques. I just a few weeks ago went and got a massage at "student Clinicals" from the school that I graduated from.

The girl that gave me the massage actually taught me an opener move that starts the massage that i now use in my massages. Found the internet! Posted by 10 years ago. Sort by: best.

Looking for straight massage therapist

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Looking for straight massage therapist

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Looking for straight massage therapist

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