Looking for the sexy moms

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This story is part of Parents Are Cool! See the full package here. Out and about in public with just a bra. Bras have always been one of my thingsmy little obsessions. The most readily available bras in my size are often in grotesque colors like beige or white, while the sexier ones are often like a good of the L. That has never been my story. My addiction to pretty bras began in high school when I first started letting everyone see my undergarments for fun.

Teenage me realized I could either get a larger blouse or wear a pretty bra and go an open button or two beyond what most people would consider appropriate. Back then, when I was a heavier girl with a big stomach with eating disorders dating to age 11, I thought that my breasts were one of the few good things about my body. As such, they were often a very ificant part of my outfit. Over the years, I never lost my passion for bras. In my fat days, approximately ages 16 to 24, I got them almost exclusively from Lane Bryant and worked tirelessly to fit them into my outfits.

After losing weight, I began purchasing fewer demi-cup, push-up s and started looking to minimizers, bralettes and even those sticky tape ts from Instagram, all to take advantage of my expanded shopping options and the increased and problematic social permission to go tighter, shorter, sexier. My wardrobe is not different in spirit from the one I had 10, 15 years ago; merely the execution has changed. Miniskirts have given way to pum pum shorts; impractically short tent dresses were replaced by clingy, midi s. Like, shirts. I wear them as shirts. It was black with straps reminiscent of a harness; I live for the opportunity to wear BDSM-looking stuff in public because: cute so I copped it despite it being athleisure.

I thought it would fit perfectly under a low-cut or sheer top. I tried many times to rock it that way, and it always looked awful. Last spring, thanks to some laundry day desperation, I threw it on under a loose-fitting jumpsuit with spaghetti straps.

Like, does this really have to go under something? I tried it again with a pair of overall shorts and it looked fine. The bra was, essentially, a shirt, so I wondered: Could I maybe wear it without anything over it? But in L. People be naked, and I love it. People be naked everywhere. The image of the mother was drilled into my head by the desexualized images I witnessed growing up, particularly in pop culture.

While Peggy always looked sexy, her sexiness was intended to be absurd; you got the sense that her interest in sex was the butt of jokes and her schlubby husband wanted no parts. Lisa and Dee, on the other hand, looked like they were going to a church function.

I know the fashions of the day were more modest but these voluptuous women were literally drowning in fabric, shirts buttoned up to the heavens, hemlines dragging to hell. Peggy, Lisa and Dee — these were three of the hottest chicks on the small screen. But somehow, cloaked in motherhood, they were supposed to be anything but sexy.

I often feel her unflinching gaze at how I dress when she is with me. Yet the so-called mom look seems divorced from actual motherhood. Moms and other birthing people are the only people who have a physical receipt that proves that we had sex at least once. Like a porn star, our identity is directly connected to sex, so why is the mom aesthetic so disconnected from sexy?

Wearing a bra in public is my small refutation of the myth of the motherly aesthetic. Bras are mom clothes, high-waisted jeans are mom clothes, mom clothes are whatever we put on, and we deserve every right to be as sexy, or as decidedly unsexy or as anything else that we see fit without the expectation that we represent the entirety of motherhood, or that we can somehow be positioned opposite from it.

Looking for the sexy moms

My strappy athletic BDSM bra is a mom shirt, right along with the Peggy Bundy-looking leopard prints and spandex s that now hang alongside it. But the bra is a mom shirt nonetheless. How will my style choices impact my daughter?

Looking for the sexy moms

What happens when she wants to dress like me? I often ponder what it means to encourage her to follow her desires knowing that, if they are like mine, they may lead to additional harassment. I talk to her about these things. She listens. I hope she hears. There is a limit to how much I know about how my little girl processes this. There is no limit to how much I agonize about it. The good pics are on Instagram Jamilahlemieux and she tweets occasionally, and regrettably, from the same handle.

Looking for the sexy moms

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Image Can posting a thirst trap on Instagram help you process grief after unspeakable loss?

Looking for the sexy moms

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The Tyranny of the ‘Sexy’ Mom