Love in ridgmont

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We are very proud to have him amongst our Ridgemont Family! The quality of my co-workers and their willingness to work hard and help those around them. The variety of market segments keeps the work interesting. One month it might be k SF of industrial space, the next it could be a 5k SF car wash. I also really enjoy the moments we spend away from our work, for example engaging in a weekly Bootcamp class in the gym.

Continue to develop my skills and knowledge and be able to take on a role as a trusted leader at the company. This is where the value of our company lies and separates us from our competitors. Our people are the soul of the company, imparting relevance, and esteem in the Ridgemont name.

Pay attention, listen well, ask questions, and learn. If you do this, once it is your time to prove yourself you will be ready. Be open to criticism, we all want to see you succeed. Knowing I will be working on a high-performing team who will be on their game all day and knowing I will have to hustle to keep up! Also, understanding all my effort directly benefits my family. A successful person can be judged by those associated with an individual. Are those who choose to offer their friendship to a person of good character and in possession of a kind and caring disposition?

If yes, then I would consider this person successful. Complete the entire Continental Divide Trail, south to north in a single, continuous thru hike. People look to Matt for guidance, strength, hope, inspiration, motivation, and much more. He sets the tone for the rest to follow and is a great example of the leadership that represents the core values that Ridgemont has founded.

We are incredibly proud to have Matt as part of the Ridgemont Family!

Love in ridgmont

Being able to work alongside and learn from the best professionals in the construction industry. To continue to find new ways to innovate and keep bringing in young talented professionals. The people at Ridgemont; from the leadership team to the young professionals just starting their construction careers are what make Ridgemont successful. Everyone can provide and ask for support from the rest of the team.

Knowing I get to work alongside a special group of talented people. A feeling of not wanting to let anyone down on. Knowing me and my team did everything we could to deliver a quality product to the client. Travel to Europe with my wife and daughter beat Brent Simmons in a race, break 80 on the golf course. Wearing jewelry my 5 yr old daughter makes me, playing guitar, working out, podcasts. His positive energy perfectly complements the hardworking and supportive culture the company has fostered for the past 45 years. Daniel is a U. Army veteran and his time in the military contributes to his incredible leadership for every budget and bid that he manages.

We are grateful to have him amongst the Ridgemont Family! The company culture. The teamwork and camaraderie amongst all employees and departments exemplifies an organization that works hard and puts people first. Continued strategic growth while maintaining an excellent company culture. I really like finding new ways to improve upon my processes, and helping others improve as well.

When I got my first job with a general contractor, I felt like I was starting later than others around me and I needed to make up for lost time. I would ask everyone in my department what they needed help on and work the task no matter how small.

I wanted to learn every aspect and get better at my job. When I felt like I understood one scope, from a preconstruction perspective, I would ask for different scopes on the next project, that way I could learn all aspects and not just become good at one thing. I looked up classes and took them at night and on the weekends in order to get my Project Management Professional PMP certification and construction estimator certificate. I want to be willing and available to help others improve as well. I have been the new guy in the construction world, and I appreciated the help and training I was given.

I, in-turn, enjoy helping others and answering questions on different projects and processes. The culture of Ridgemont is one of teamwork, one could even say like a family. All of the departments work together to get the job done and provide the best product for the clients. Overall, it is to take care of my family and be an example of good Christian morals and principles. Professionally : Being in a position where people seek and respect your opinion.

Helping others improve and succeed. Personally : Setting an example for my family. Such that my children can make successful life decisions on their own. Both definitions of success, in my mind, come down to being in a position to help others and being able to do so in an effective manner. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. Traveling is 1. The leadership forged ahead in implementing many new technological changes to allow for a safer office and work-from-home environment.

Through it, all the productivity and efficiency have never waned. Emma Murphy stands out as a powerful force. Her personal and professional achievements are a clear representation of her eager desire to thrive. Emma embodies the core values that Ridgemont has developed by going above and beyond the criteria that have been set forth.

To continue to grow and be profitable while maintaining the feel of a small company. There is always room for improvement and finding opportunities to become better at anything. A culture of transparency, with a work environment that generates engagement, trust and support of the employees. I enjoy having a routine. Finding joy and fulfillment in everything you do. I would love to learn a new language or play an instrument. Ridgemont has grown in s and in space new office renovation.

But no matter how much it grows the family environment has never changed. Ryan Mason, one of our Project Superintendents, is a live representation of dedication, flexibility and has the barbeque skills necessary to be a member of the prestigious Ridgemont BBQ Team. Ryan is a dedicated husband and father, is always in a good mood, and loves being onsite. The sense of worth you feel being part of this family.

Each and every one of us plays an integral part in the success and proud reputation of Ridgemont! My wish list for Ridgemont is to continue our successful growth. Being a staple GC in our current and potential new market segments. Ownership definitely le the way in motivation which in turn motivates the employees to want to keep getting better. The culture here at Ridgemont is purely one of a kind.

Love in ridgmont

My advice for future new hires would be to get involved and to take full advantage of the collective years of industry experience that you will be surrounded by. What gets me out of bed in the morning is the drive to provide the best quality of life for my family that I can, and being genuinely happy with my job and company that allows me to fulfill that is an added plus!

Success to me is being able to look at all aspects of your life family, friends, work, etc.

Love in ridgmont

I would love to get better at golf. Quite a few things, but at the top right now is taking my wife to Europe. My main hobby is BBQ. I compete in competitions throughout the year, as well as do a little bit of catering during holidays. I also thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, hunting and fishing. Right now, the Cecil Hotel Documentary. My wife and I have been patiently waiting for season 4 of Ozark to come out!

In my 3 years I have obviously seen an influx of more great hires and adding to our RCC family, but also how we have been able to adapt to the ever-changing tech side of things and utilize those to make us more efficient. Monica Mosley has over twenty-three years of experience in the budgetary management of the project. She is instrumental when developing the strategic approach and in coordinating each detail of the preconstruction process.

Monica stands out for her team working skills and her ability to maintain a great attitude through any situation. We are so lucky to have Monica in the Ridgemont Family! I am a huge fan of our company. I really love the people. To help Ridgemont to continue to grow and build beautiful buildings! The culture at Ridgemont is one to be admired. I believe everyone here shares the same values, beliefs, attitudes, and goals are of one.

Love in ridgmont

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