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On behalf of our team, we would like to thank you for working with us in making the party a success. On behalf of all of us on Wedding Day, thank you and thank you for your wonderful furnishings! The Bubble Miami sensibility made this event very special and unique. The wedding was one of our best ever and Trine, Ryan, and their entire family were totally blown away at their wedding!

Just wanted to let you know Bubble has done an amazing job setting up and really trying their best to make the tent look as good as it possibly can. All of the guys were so nice and helpful. Not once did they complain or show any frustration for being on-site until 9pm. Just to let you know that everything went great with the wedding. The garden looked fantastic with all your furniture. I wanted to say a big thank you for your assistance on the SunLife event that was here on Monday as well as comment on your delivery staff.

Miami nyc meeting

They were so kind and professional and wanted to make sure that everything looked absolutely perfect before they left. I am looking forward to working with you again in the future! We had a memorable experience with the members of your entire team on our first event with your corporation last week.

Daniel spearheaded our interactions from the onset upon responding to an on-line inquiry I made in relation to your services; and from there on, it was nothing but VIP treatment. Femme Fatale. Rafanelli Events. Maria Elena Octavio. Everyone had a great time and your furniture was a big hit. I had the opportunity to work with bubble miami in a wedding that I was coordinating for one of my clients; our beautiful Katy. Since the beginning, this vendor was on time, even before the time specified in our coordination s. They worked in a very professional way. The drop of all their inventory very carefully and listen to our instructions as wedding planners.

They were very nice and always paying attention to every single indication. They were respectful with the rest of the vendors working in this wedding and share the elevator with them. For their Lounge Area my client selected 3 beautiful set composed by a couch, two chairs, two stools and a coffee table. Let me tell you I love how they looked. They came very well protected and after the party I saw Bubble's Miami employees wrapping each furniture, one by one very carefully before transporting them.

They were on time also after the party, collected all their inventory and express how thank you they were for working with us and Katy. I have only wonderful words for them!

Miami nyc meeting

I would highly recommend them for any event or wedding you are planning. Adriana Cadet. Bubble Miami made my wedding!! We got such high quality products from them Their delivery team was spectacular, they were on time and more than happy to help with anything needed. The customer service from the sales reps Joseph and Daniel was also excellent. I highly recommend this company for your next outing! They will not disappoint. Katy Winder. Everything was great!

From delivery to breakdown, all the Bubble employees were great.

Miami nyc meeting

The gentlemen were beyond helpful and went above and beyond to make sure that the event matched out vision and everything got put back exactly where it was before the party. We are so grateful for all that they did.

Thank you again, Sarah MacDonald. The client was very pleased, and the events were all very successful. We are grateful to have had such terrific partners such as yourself. You were so helpful — and I am so very grateful! Event Works California January It was a huge success! We sincerely appreciate the hard work, time and dedication your team provided both leading up to the event, and during the set-up, as it made our overall process extremely effortless and efficient.

Miami nyc meeting

We are extremely proud of the final product, and we recognize the commitment it took from your team to make it possible. Thank you again for all your help, as we highly enjoyed working with your team and hope to partner again on something in the future.

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Miami nyc meeting

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