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The occasion was to toast our friend Todd Boulanger, who was leaving his job as a transportation planner with the City of Vancouver. Vilhauer felt the need to remove his clothes about half-way through the evening he was the only one to do so, but no one really seemed to mind — see photo above. At around midnight, while riding on Main Street, Vilhauer — wearing nothing but his helmet — was approached by Vancouver police, then handcuffed and arrested.

After nearly a year of postponed court dates and other legal wranglings, the case finally went to trial yesterday. On this side of the river, biking naked is a common and accepted occurrence. Our World Naked Bike Ride had 5, people last year and organizers worked hand-in-hand with the Police Bureau to make it happen the officer who organizers worked closely with, Mike Reese, is now Chief of Police. The police say Vilhauer was exposing himself to a group of teenage girls, but in his defense, Vilhauer maintains they just happened to be waiting in line at a club nearby when he was arrested.

From his :. I am further requesting charges not to be refiled against Vilhauer nor any cyclists for engaging in future nude cycling in Vancouver. FrontNews naked bikingvancouver wa. NOTE: Thanks for sharing and reading our comments. To ensure this is a welcoming and productive space, all comments are manually approved by staff. BikePortland is an inclusive company with no tolerance for meanness, discrimination or harassment.

Comments with expressions of racism, sexism, homophobia, or xenophobia will be deleted and authors will be banned. Nude Cycling: 1 Is not prohibited by Washington law 2 Does not by itself meet the standard for indecent exposure in Washington 3 Is protected speech 4 Does not appear to offend the Vancouver community.

Pressing charges against someone for merely being nude on a bike is absurd. Law enforcement resources are better used addressing true criminals, not community advocates exercising a constitution right to protest. With Naked-June coming upon, numerous Vancouver residents need the matter of public nudity resolved, least more people face poorly supported charges.

Last night, on the way back to Beaverton, I was dressed in a single layer of cotton clothes when it started to rain. Thank Goodness I came to a complete stop at the intersection where we met! Oh, and my 1st Amendment statement? With how badly we are getting screwed by BP, we better get a phone call in the morning and diamonds for our birthday. So that would be a non issue. I hope you all are kidding. We are screwing ourselves. It is Americans that have no interest in policy or politics. It is Americans that opened the Gulf up to drilling and were up until 6 weeks ago supporting more off shore dilling.

This particular accident could have easily been owned by Chevron or Exxon and the outcome would be the same. Everyone wants to place the blame, Obama should do more, BP is to blame, the valve manufacturer, the platform owner.

Nude girls Vancouver Washington

We have already had incidences of cyclists butting in in the wrong fashion, and helping to ruin it for the rest of us, ie: The VBC and the helmet issue. If the DA can get a jury to stick Matthew with the public indecency charge it would set a precedent in Vancouver that could be hard to overcome. Marcus was right to start a dialog with city officials. Cops are supposed to offer you a ride if they think you are too drunk to be on your bike, since that is extra work it pretty much means they leave people alone.

You should know not to kiss them on the mouth. I hope he put a towel or something down on that bar stool. Anything for some attention. Not sure which is more ridiculous: 1 riding your bike naked in a city. So el nudist Matthew consents to an interview with the Columbian Newspaper and KATU news yesterday AND than turns around and tells everyone today they are butting into his business when they start talking about his interviews? There needs to be some type of rally or meeting to support naked bike riding in Vancouver.

Vancouver cops have been pretty cool lately with cyclists. I am sure his intoxication had a lot to do with the decesion to arrest him. Cop shows up at the scence with a bunch of screaming underage girls and a naked middle drunk man a few feet away. What did he expect to happen? The officer asking for his autograph? In good news, we have someone teaching bike safety to.

So if Mr. Vilhauer decides to doff his clothing and mountain bike in Forest Park and he cycles past a bunch of runners who are appalled, shocked and feel harassed by his nakedness, would an obscenity charge stick? That picture above is an award winner.

Link to an April 30, news coverage of a daytime naked ride in Seattle. Notice that of the thousands of bystanders, only a few ie 1 was offended. In his first post he said nothing that relates to the specifcs of your case, or any other individual. Now if he starts speculating on your motives, or your behavior that night, that would be another matter entirely. Brian E 5 — Marcus is being factual, and he has a valid point — however you behave in public, expect people to comment on it. Nothing cold about that, just simply factual.

And frankly, Marcus has a right to express his opinion, as does matthew, you, and I. I am confused why is Matthew claimed a First Amendment right to bike naked and now he is irked that people have started to support his First Amendment claim? Best thing is for the city to not re-file charges. If the city re-files…. Would naked bodies at city hall change their mind or only cause them to dig their heels in deeper? Begrudgling, people are going to have to get this to work out.

Gimme a break. What type of mutant thinking is that. Is Vancouver so rich in tax moneys that it can pay to continue to prosecute this kind of meaningless case? Win or lose, this case can only have a negative affect on the quality of life in Vancouver. Charges should be dropped now; not a dime more in taxpayer moneys should be spent on this meaningless activity.

I cannot think of any other reason why this case went to trial. During that event, many bystander-spectators probably derive a range of satisfaction from seeing the spectacle, demonstration, celebration, or whatever it might be called…proceed on by. Some of you commenting here might want to do your own experiments to find out how common and accepted naked biking is in Portland. Oregon is supposedly…coming up on some hot, dry days yet this year.

Why get clothing all sweated up on the am, pm commute to work across the Hawthorne Bridge and into downtown? Just pack the work togs in the pannier and go naked, dress on arriving to work. The response from the public should be interesting. The public seems to be willing and obliged to tolerate naked biking as a legitimate form of free speech, but does it really choose to encourage the practice of naked biking when other more socially harmonious and constructive forms of free speech are readily available?

Nude girls Vancouver Washington

Stirring the pot deeply only brings the burned stuff on the bottom to the surface. There was talk in March of setting up a Vancouver naked bike ride to cap off Pedalplooza. The idea got tanked because of the on-going case. If luck holds, maybe one can held next year. Speaking of which, a meeting is being held today to discuss potential impacts on a protest rally.

It looks like the pre-meeting idea is collaboration is better than confrontation. He should have been given at least a DUII for riding a bicycle drunk on his butt and the book thrown at him including all the normal fines and fees. Suspension of his. Naked bike riding? Why would you want to do that? I have enough problems with my saddle going up places I would rather it not go. Not to mention around here it would probably cause a massive car pile up for people being shocked at the sight of someone riding a bike nekkid.

Even my vigorous embrace of First Amendment ideology has to understand the pragmatic reality of contemporary politics. Additionally, was his BAC even taken? If not, there can be no presumption that his BAC was over the legal limit. He was in compliance with traffics and helmet laws. The Courts ruled that the state law makers never intended bicyclists to subjected to DUI laws and stated:.

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Nude girls Vancouver Washington

Provide your name, membership and emergency contact phone. The -in sheet will be filled out by ». Meet around noon, departing about You'll be back downtown by about We ride up to the Fairmount ». Treasure hunting at Community Cycling Center is back! Did you miss browsing our used parts selection? We missed you too! Visit us once a week for masked, distanced, and outdoor ». NOTE: Meeting held virtually until further notice. The committee advises City Council and bureaus ». a roundtable of park and trail providers, nonprofit organizations, trail advocates and professional trail deers to learn about upcoming trails in the region.

The general public is welcome and encouraged to ». According to Beaverton Code 2. Every Thursday night, meets at Salmon Springs Fountain.

Nude girls Vancouver Washington

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