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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Can anyone tell me about living in Chester, NH? How is the commute to the Manchester airport? I've read the crime statistics, but wonder is this a lock your door at night kind of place or do people still feel relatively safe? Anything you can tell me about the town would be appreciated.

No one has replied yet! Does anyone live in Chester or the area? Could you tell me what it's like to live in that area, especially looking for how safe it is. The crime index is for Chester US average is so it is safe. I don't think anyone should leave their doors unlocked though. It is a small town with 5 reg. About 12 miles from Manchester and 8 from Derry. Location: The northern part of the Lakes Region. My husband grew up in Chester, so I know a little bit about the town.

My husband has fond memories of growing up there. In the town there is a church, general store, and blinking light. It is home to the very small Chester College, and there is a newer school for kids K High school is at Pinkerton Academy in Derry. It might take you a little longer than the mileage suggests. Chester is a generally safe, family-friendly place. The local cops said that thieves saw an opportunity because the houses were valuable, and spread out where it would be unlikely for neighbors to see the thief hauling stuff out, and the rural parts of Chester were pitch black no streetlights.

Besides taking these normal precautions, I wouldn't hesitate to live there. I live in Londonderry, NH and have a good friend in Chester. Chester is a very small old NH community with some recent growth.

Sex forum Chester

You can still see darkish skies from most backyards. There is a really good farm store on rt with fresh seasonal produce. The commute to Mcstr is another 12 miles added to the commmute to Derry which takes about 10 minutes. It takes about 1 hour each way. Hey, everyone, thanks for the replies. We had looked up the crime statistics as well city-data is great and were also concerned about the 5 sex offenders in a town of We have also been looking in other surrounding towns of Manchester and noticed that per capita, Chester was higher in sex offenders than Londonderry, Merrimack, Bedford, Amherst and Goffstown.

That concerned us, as we have children. We really love the house. Wonder if we're being overly paranoid or if it is a legitimate enough concern to keep looking until we find what we want in the other Manchester commutable areas. Overall crime was low in Chester. But the child sex offender list is concerning.

Sex forum Chester

Appreciate any of your thoughts. I live next to Chester and drive through every day. Most sexual assaults happen from someone the family knows. A women is most likely to be abused in her own home not on the street I don't know of any town that will assure you of Zero sex offenders.

Sex forum Chester

Most offenders never are accused, those accussed are usually not prosecuted and of those that are prosecuted only the ones with a guilty verdict are registered sex offenders. My neighbor is a sex offender but he was found guilty in the mid 70's and there is a cut off date for registering so he does not have to register though he was convicted.

Yes I see him talk to kids and yes we have a bus stop across the street. Yes he stands outside and watches them. I heard him offer a boy to come inside to use the phone. Y Yes I have spoken to the police about him. He also baby sat for his landlord. Yes they know about his past. The police told them to think about what they were doing and the childrens saftey. Chester is a beautiful community with an easy commute to Boston or the seacoast. It's an easy half hour commute to the Manchester airport.

Chester is mostly farm country with some sheep farms and stately old homes near the center of town which features the classic New England church. One of the first power ball lottery winners lives in Chester, but you'd never know it.

Sex forum Chester

He won 63 million dollars and chose to stay in the same old house he grew up in and still works at the same job he was at for decades. One big difference is he donated money to the town to revamp the fire station and the elementary school. He also made a sizable contribution to White Pines College wherein it became larger, had a ceremony and changed it's name to Chester College.

Does anyone have more info. I know there's a grade School in Chester Chester Academy?

Sex forum Chester

Is anyone familar with the grade school? I've looked at the website, but wondering if anyone has any other input. Does anyone know if there are areas where children just play in the neighborhood? Thanks, Boo p.

Valerie C. Hey Boo There are neighborhoods in Chester, they would be the newer homes built in last 20 years Otherwise the ro are of the long and windy variety OR main ro. Since the sex offender subject was brought up, here you go: National Sex Offender Registry. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. View detailed profiles of: Manchester, New Hampshire. Londonderry, New Hampshire.

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Sex forum Chester

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Sex forum Chester Sex forum Chester

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