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The Beijing Platform for Action flagged 12 key areas where urgent action was needed to ensure greater equality and opportunities for women and men, girls and boys.

Women in China ga looking for sex

It also laid out concrete ways for countries to bring about change. UN Women works with governments and partners to ensure such change is real for women and girls around the world. When women are poor, their rights are not protected and they face double discrimination, on of their gender and economic situation.

Women, their families, communities and economies suffer as a result. Changing the landscape with all-women worksites in India. UN Women interventions have reached more thanpoor and marginalized women across India. As the result of a Fund for Gender Equality project, more than 30, marginalized rural women now manage worksites and are able to ensure wages are paid and demand their rights. Through Farmer Field Schools, more than Rwandan farmers have undergone a six-month course to learn about nutrition, modern agricultural techniques and business skills while creating cooperatives and pooling savings.

What the Beijing Declaration says about Women and poverty. Education is essential for women to reach gender equality and become leaders of change. While women and girls today are far more educated than ever before, gaps remain. Educated women benefit entire societies, contributing to flourishing economies and the improved health, nutrition and education of their families.

Women in China ga looking for sex

Education and training are also tools to help change harmful gender stereotypes. What the Beijing Declaration says about Education and training of women. Women need to be healthy in order to realize their full potential. This includes proper nutrition, sexual and reproductive rights, and mental health, as well as freedom from violence. UN Women advocates for States to better coordinate the provision of health services for women and girls —including for survivors of violence— and supports non-governmental partners providing essential services.

Women in China ga looking for sex

We work to end practices that bring danger to women and girls, including child marriage, female genital cutting, dietary restrictions, and others. UN Women action to confront the Ebola crisis. UN Women is facilitating mobilization and sensitization and coordinating UN efforts to address gender in the response to the Ebola crisis.

From working with local radio stations and traditional leaders to raise awareness and aid prevention, to producing educational materials to train health workers, our efforts and programmes are focused primarily in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Their families have better nutrition and food security as a result. What the Beijing Declaration says about Women and health. Violence hurts women and girls and hampers their ability to thrive in multiple ways.

Since the Beijing Conference, an historic two-thirds of countries have put laws on the books to stop domestic violence. Yet gaps in laws, implementation of legal protection and lack of access to essential services remain for women globally.

Women in China ga looking for sex

We support expanding access to quality multi-sectorial responses for survivors covering safety, shelter, health, justice and other essential services. We advocate for laws and help guide policies and action plans to help step-up investments in prevention—the most cost-effective, long-term means to stop violence against women by addressing its root causes. New law spurs action, bringing protection to many.

With support from UN Women, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia adopted a new law against domestic violence in Augustwhich expanded the definition of violence against women and introduced training on gender equality in the formal education system and for civil society service providers. Games and children, a new direction to ending sexual violence. In Cairo, a pilot project uses games and music to teach children to say no to violence. What the Beijing Declaration says about Violence against women.

Women in China ga looking for sex

Wars and armed conflict destroy families and societies and leave women and girls particularly vulnerable. Sexual violence is widespread and often used as a war tactic. Nobel Peace women visit Colombia to discuss sexual violence. Women Nobel Peace Prize winners Shirin Ebadi and Jody Williams visited Colombian women survivors of sexual violence in a conflict that has lasted more than 50 years. They also met with President Juan Manuel Santos to ask for increased attention to these crimes throughout the peace process now underway in Havana.

With funding from UN Women, it encouraged the Ugandan Parliament to adopt a landmark resolution addressing war-affected women. What the Beijing Declaration says about Women and armed conflict. Whether in businesses, on farms, as entrepreneurs or employees, or through unpaid domestic or care work at home, women make enormous contributions to economies. Gender discrimination means women often end up in insecure, low-wage jobs, and constitute a small minority of those in senior positions.

We also work with partners to ensure that workplaces are free of violence and sexual harassment. With sewing and sowing, self-reliance blooms in Central Asia. Thanks to a regional programme, families of migrant labourers in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are receiving training, resources and micro-credit loans to become self-reliant entrepreneurs.

More thanmigrant workers and their families have benefitted from a wide range of services. The programme also promotes policy development and dialogue on migration. Women plant seeds of hope at the Dadaab refugee camp. What the Beijing Declaration says about Women and the economy. Once in leadership roles, women make a difference.

But they are under-represented as voters and in top positions, whether in elected office, the civil service, corporate boardrooms or academia. Our programmes on leadership and participation provide training for women political candidates to help build their skills, as well as voter and civic education and sensitization campaigns on gender equality. Strengthening Voices for Democracy.

From lobbying for constitutional changes or quota laws, to voter education and identification programmes, we work to strengthen women's voices, leadership and political participation. It is the result of many months of sustained advocacy led by civil society groups, with the support of UN Women. What the Beijing Declaration says about Women and power and decision-making.

Women in China ga looking for sex

Specialized institutions have played an important part in informing laws, policies and programmes and advancing gender equality. Robust laws and policies coupled with stronger mechanisms to coordinate various actors and ensure their effective enforcement and implementation can push the agenda. UN Women works with governments to develop informed national action plans, ensure gender-responsive budgeting, and strengthen coordination among diverse actors for sustained and meaningful action. We partner with governments, UN agencies, civil society organizations and other institutions to build capacity and increase awareness.

We support and advocate for evidence-based policymaking. To this end, UN Women stresses the need for sex-disaggregated data and played an important role in the development of 52 gender indicators. Cambodia confronts gender violence with multi-pronged plan. A multi-sectorial technical working group will now guide its implementation.

Budgets respond to the needs of women in Morocco. The needs of women and girls are increasingly being reflected in how governments spend in Morocco and a new organic law of finance passed in January by the Council of Government has cemented gender throughout the budgeting process. What the Beijing Declaration says about Institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women.

Women and girls are entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of all of their human rights. The Beijing Platform for Action confirms that protection and promotion of human rights is the first responsibility of governments and core to the work of the United Nations.

We promote international treaties, such as the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women CEDAWlobby decision-makers to ensure that adequate laws are passed and work with partners to train and educate the law enforcement and justice officials who must implement them.

UN Women is training a pool of 15 specialized public prosecutors to handle domestic and gender-based violence cases in Palestine. We are also supporting the development of Standard Operating Procedures and helping improve coordination with service providers to ensure access to justice for survivors of violence. Ending impunity for femicide across Latin America.

Several Latin American countries are working to implement the Protocol, which seeks is to improve treatment of victims and end impunity for the tens of thousands of women and girls murdered each year. What the Beijing Declaration says about Human rights of women. The media plays a ificant role in perpetuating and challenging social norms that condone discrimination or violence against women.

It can objectify women but also showcase strong women leaders and protagonists who can become role models for their audience. We also conduct special workshops and trainings with journalists globally to encourage gender-sensitive reporting. Adjusting the frequency: Women on the airwaves.

Women in China ga looking for sex

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